28 Jun 3 New and Healthy Hobbies to Try

People always complain how time is a scarce resource so you try to jam everything together at once. Then eventually your body signals weaknesses by wearing down your level of energy and awareness. Don’t wait till your body weakens to maintain your wellness. These healthy hobbies cultivate novelty, and creativity for your mind to relax and try something out of the ordinary. By learning something different, it triggers new neural pathways for your brain to exercise and process information more dynamically. These four activities will be good hobbies to provide both resting and intelligence cultivation for your brain.

  1. Be culturally inspired and learn a new language.

There is a commonality in North America that the majority of the American can speak only one to two languages. The most spoken language is most definitely English, and closely followed by Spanish. Although, children are required to learn a second language at school, many of them remain to be only bilingual. Especially compared to the Europeans, American do lack the interest to be multi-lingual because English is so predominantly used across the nation.

It is scientifically proven that people who are bilingual or multilingual, are better at cognitive processing, solving puzzles, and gain greater ability to multi-task. It is a skill that is becoming more important as the world is becoming more multi-cultural and globalized.   Even when you travel, you are more capable of understanding the feelings and words that are often lost in translation.

With advanced technology, it has become really easy and intuitive to learn a new language from scratch by downloading language learning apps, such as Duolingo, Busuu, and Babbel. They are your personal tutor to pick up basic words and learn to start a simple conversation with the locals whenever you are abroad. From a fundamental perspective, you learn to appreciate the cultural references and expressions. These are little rejoices and pleasure when you learn to order food in the local language or provide a more genuine thank-you by understanding the local gratitude.

  1. Play different types of non-electronic games.

The recommendation is focused on non-electronic games, including chess, Monopoly, Sudoko, puzzles, UNO, Big Two, which allows you to play in person with friends and family and develop a wide of strategies to attack and defend. It cultivates neuro cells and increases neuroplasticity, which allows us to widen our prospective and better understand emotions and behaviours triggered by each tactic.

One of the most trending non-electronic games is room escape game, which is growing all across the world in every major city. It is a team-based adventure game in which 3-6 players are tasked to solve multiple puzzles and escape from the room within a limited time. Each escape game is usually narrated in a storyline to illustrate a crime scene, in which you are given the role as a detective or inspector. It is a great way to sharpen your mind and tackle challenges in high pressure.  Escape game is both thrilling and exciting for both young and old to try something new each time.

The key is to focus on non-electronic games because challenges are tasked in real life so you are not able to escape into the virtual world.

  1. Practice mindful meditation.

Meditation is a highly underrated activity that most urban individuals tend to ignore. It is an easy and simple exercise to practice each day by concentrating on your breathing for 10-15 minutes. Deep breathing strengthens your respiratory system by exercising your chest, lungs, and abdominal in a repetitive movement of expansion and contraction. Fresh oxygen flows into your body to provide much-needed energy to kick start your morning and afternoon.

Meditation focuses on the purest state of mind. Your mind relaxes and empties all the emotion pollution. It focuses all your energy, focus and strength in a clear and simple act of breathing. In essence, meditation is a free therapy to reduce stress and embrace the presence.

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