17 Aug 5 Meditation Tips for Women in Leadership

The battle of the sexes has been around for generations. At every point in life, men try to prove their power over women and women on the other hand are devising new techniques to defeat men. In early days, the battles were limited to portrayal of strength and wit but today it exists in every field of life.

Women of today, participate equally in matters of importance and do not hesitate to word their opinion. With the power of literacy and self-awareness, women have conquered the mountains, the chairs of empires and the galaxy.

But with the over-thinking and multi-tasking brains of women, who are struggling each day to make it work while keeping their nature of being loving intact, meditation plays a key role to safeguarding their energies in optimizing performance. Therefore, to gracefully win the wars of mind and heart every day, here are a few meditation tips for the women in leadership:

  1. Find time to find a guide
    Wherever you reach in life, far or high, you always need a guide. We begin our lives with our guiding mothers and later as we grow in to one, we often find ourselves lost in these everyday battles. A guide, an expert in meditation can help you learn tactics that can be practiced both at home and the desk. Being the women in leadership, you often need to prioritize and choose between personal and professional goals. With the help of the guiding tactics, you can focus and achieve things that make you happy.
  2. Craft a 10 minute routine
    As difficult as it may sound, but ensure that you give at least 10 minutes to yourself in a day. Wherever on earth you are, you need to be with yourself than others. Your body, mind and soul need the routine of conversing with one another to help you experience peace and make better decisions. In 10 minutes, you can conquer the world just by concentration. This art can be mastered with the help of imagination of being in a beautiful place in the corner of your creative mind and by just breathing fresh air.
  3. Ignore the days you miss to not miss a day
    With the kind of regressive society we live in, irrespective of wherever you reach, you often find yourself holding a baby in one hand and a sword in the other. After a long day at work, you are still expected to be giving to the family and the man. Therefore, you may come across days when you miss your meditation routine, that’s ok. Let those days pass, as meditation helps you prioritize, may be on that particular day, something else needed more attention than yourself but ensure that you switch to the routine after that.
  4. Remember to breathe
    Breathing is the most importance part of meditation. Experience fresh air at every juncture even if you live in the bustling city of New York or London. Deep breathing techniques can help you bring back focus and improve decision making. If you find yourself caught in a situation, excuse yourself from the room and breathe, you will be surprised to find the answers you didn’t initially think of.
  5. Be giving
    It is a woman’s nature to be giving. But fighting the battles of finding equality can lead you to be revengeful and angry. Calm yourself down, the battle of swords can easily be won with wit and pen. Ensure that the love in your heart is not lost over the years being in a position of power, there might still be people around you who love you for your fun and giving nature. Let loose once in a while and enjoy yourself to the fullest, to stay connected with your mind, body and soul.

Meditation is very important for women as they play many roles at every walk of life. Leadership is just another brick in the wall of responsibilities. Therefore, to ensure that the focus from self is not surrendered, meditation must be practiced every day.

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