26 Nov 6 Ways to Conquer Anxiety about Stage Fright

Anxiety on stage is a common phenomenon among’st us , but know that it’s possible to overcome stage fright completely using the tips are listed below.

People have anxiety about  things like cockroaches, height, water, darkness etc.

One such fear is the fear of stage.

There are many who can confidently walk up to the stage and speak or perform whatever they have to.

In fact, they love to speak and perform in public.

However, there are many who get scared just by the thought of it.

Well, if you belong to the latter category then you must know that it is completely OK to feel that way.


Overcome your Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

When life throws a challenge towards you, you accept it and not run away from it.

If your fears stop you from doing so then it is very important to overcome those fears.

So here are 6 ways which will help you overcome your stage fright and performance anxiety:- 


  • Think Beyond You


Stage fright is not really about the fear of the stage. It is the fear of being laughed at and judged by the people who are watching you. Well, this is not true. Everyone present in the audience is not there to laugh at you, judge you or criticise you. They are there to watch you perform and hence you need to give your best shot. So, instead of focusing on the people and what they are going to think about you, focus on what you have to present and present what they deserve from you. This will ease the pressure which is already building.


  • Keep Calm


Because of performance anxiety, people often rush through their presentation, speech or other performances. As a result, in spite of knowing everything, they fail to give their best. So keep calm and start slowly. Give yourself time to get used to the audience and get into you comfortable pace. You cannot start slowly when you are supposed to give a dance or singing performance. So, in such a situation, keep calm and remind yourself that you need to go by the beats and just give your best.


  • Reach before Time


Reaching before time is always better than late. Moreover, if you reach early, you will have enough time to get comfortable with the surroundings and the fact that you will have to perform in front of so many people. You can even check out the stage and the auditorium so that you can get used to the environment.


  • Take Deep Breaths


Be it stress or nervousness, deep breaths can provide you with that feeling of relaxation. So 5-10 minutes prior to going on stage, take deep breaths to keep yourself relaxed and calm.


  • Have a Checklist


Ensure that you have taken everything which you are going to need for your speech, presentation or performance. This is because if you realise at the end moment that you have forgotten something, you will not be able to do anything about it. This can make you even more nervous and result in poor performance.


  • Practice


This is the most crucial factor for fighting your stage fright. Be thoroughly prepared with whatever you have to present on stage. Practice as much as you can because the practice is what makes a person perfect. However, do not practice in a closed room. Practice in front of your closest friends, family or in front of a mirror. It will give you the needed confidence to perform in front of other people.

Always remember that you neither have to feel guilty about having stage fright nor you have to fight it.

Accept the fact that it exists and work with it.

Focus on what you have to present and not on your anxiety and your anxiety will eventually ease off.

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