20 Mar Breaking Monotony with Mindfulness

Does life seem like you are moving from one day to another doing the same thing? Getting stuck in a rut is really stressful so it’s up to us to find ways to live in the moment and find sources of happiness from everything we do. That is what it means to live with mindfulness and that’s how to get peace in life.

While clear reasons like the change of place, differences with the partner, financial problems, etc. can easily be spotted, sometimes you may feel stressed without any apparent reason. Such stress affects even the people with favorable personal and professional life. There can be subtle reasons for such stress. One such reason is the monotonous routine that can make you feel stressed. Let us know how monotonous work can stress you and what can be the best solution for you:

Go for mini-breaks:

A monotonous job compels you to repeat the same series of predictable activities everyday robbing you of your creativity that is necessary to keep one’s mind fresh. The mechanical work and lack of drive result in stifling work environment. Thus, over a period of time, you start realizing being dragged into stress.  

To break this monotony, you can go for multiple mini breaks after completing each series or session of activities. It will not only freshen up your brain but will also bust the mental fatigue. There are a number of easy and simple activities to choose from- playing a game on your mobile, reading hilarious bite size content or just walking a few steps. Something as simple as enjoying your favorite candy can also bust monotony. Such activities bring quick bursts of freshness and save you from stress.

Consider changing the food:

The food also plays a vital role in reducing stress. The studies prove that secretion of certain chemicals or low production of others can result in stress. Food plays an important role in the production of various chemicals in the body. Right from managing adrenaline till balancing cortisone- the hormone responsible for stress the right type of food can actively help in reducing the stress. Avocado, Banana, carrots, yogurt and milk are some of the best foods to alleviate stress. Of course, you also have quick options. Tea can easily make available and can strengthen you strained nerves. Likewise, you can also carry small packs of nuts that can also help to reduce stress by enhancing your immune system. If you have a sweet tooth then you can also go for dark chocolate that can improve moods and saves you from mood swings.

Exercise can produce stress busting chemicals:

The stress caused by monotonous work is further multiplied if you are short of stamina. The lack of stamina not only saps you quickly but also makes you feel incompatible for any job. Hence the feeling of “limitations” further intensifies the stress. It also results in errors and further repetitions, thus making things even tougher. However, refrain from demanding exercises, as it might add further stress to your schedule. A morning walk is the best way to start for those who lack stamina- start with normal pace and a  nearest park and increase the distance and speed with time. It isn’t a magical wand but over a period of time, it will help you feeling energized. Other activities include swimming, jumping, and skipping ropes and push-ups. Apart from inducing physical stamina exercise increases the production of Endorphins, the brain’s happy elements and thus cancels the symptoms of stress.

Socializing can help a great deal: 

Another type of monotony occurs to stay-at-home-moms/pops who are prone to feeling insignificant or unproductive. Though a lot can be said (..and rightly so!) about them being an asset to the house and children, they still need a certain practical method of getting out of stress. In such types of stress, it is the abundance of free time makes one feel stressed. Social relations can do wonders in this regard. You can cultivate social relations with the neighbors by throwing frequent parties and going out quite often, to nearby places like certain parks where you can find a number of neighbors and start a relationship.

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