29 Jun Meditation can assist in healing common illnesses

Meditation is a powerful healing tool against common health problems, such as stress and anxiety. However, there are many unknown illnesses that can be supported by meditation during the healing process. The power of meditation comes from the healing power of reducing the level of pain by maintaining focus, calmness, and composure. It aligns your body, mind, and soul in one to focus on one thing, which is deep breathing. When one is aligned, one learns to be in the moment without any judgment. The concentration is powerful because it radiates strength in a disciplined manner. Whenever pain or emotion strikes, your body is capable of releasing energy and concentration to let it go by.

Meditation as a natural medicine has existed for many years. Its values have long been understated by many therefore it is critical to acknowledge its presence and allow the magic to unfold itself.

  1. Meditate to strengthen respiratory system

Meditation is a practice of deep breathing. It is an exercise for the respiratory system, including lungs, chest, abdominal, to expand and contract. The practice of inhaling and exhaling injects flows of new oxygen in your body to achieve greater wellness.

  1. Meditate against Addiction

Meditation calms the mind down and instills clarity, calmness, and harmony into your life. It is a way of distracting yourself from the evils of substances. The Beatles practiced transcendental meditation at a retreat in Northern India as a way to relieve from their drug usage. It was deemed successful as they have managed to produce one of their most successful records, The White Album, when they meditated twice a day without any drug influences.

  1. Meditate against Insomnia

Insomnia is caused by physical or mental limitations triggered by tensions and stress trapped within your body. Meditation helps your body to completely loosen up so ease into sleep.

     4. Meditate to reduce chronic lower back pain.

Simple yoga postures, such as supine hamstring stretch, two knee twist, legs up the wall, are proven to be effective in reducing chronic lower back pain. Meditation is a way of re-framing how people think about their back pain so they can better manage the reactions towards them. They become more receptive in dealing with a range of suffering so pain becomes more tolerable.

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