14 Jun Meditation X Tech: Apple WWDC launches a new breathing app to set reminders for deep breathing


-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

The brilliance of Apple products is undeniable with innovative development introduced every year at their Worldwide Development Conference, showcasing all the new tech jazz exclusive to their product line. The new upgrades, and redesigns on the iOS, watchOS, macOS software development, not only create new appeals for existing Apple users but lure Android users, like myself, to consider a possible switch. Some of the best new features include emoji replacement to fully integrate emoji into our daily communication, smarter Siri to connect to 3rd party apps, like Uber, widgets on the lock screen to check weather and schedule without unlocking the phone, and these are only a few of the new features launched this year. The new platform seems to be more well-rounded, polished, and integrative, for all the die-hard Apple fanatics.

While the majority of the updates is captured in the new iOS 10, the new watchOS for Apple watch is becoming a lot more health-conscious and effective. As a fitness guru, I was fairly intrigued by the new app, Breathe, which allows you to set reminders to practice deep breathing. Such app might sound silly at first but when life is on-going at a rapid pace, we often forget to stop and take a breather. The existent of this app by one of the biggest tech firm in the world signifies the importance of meditation and mindfulness in our daily life. It’s something that people take for granted. Breathing exercise helps to tackle long-term health issues, such as anxiety, heart attack, sleep deprivation, to rejuvenate our body with fresh oxygen and slow down the heart rate by focusing on breathing. Small changes can lead to positive and radical change in our lives. With or without a breathing app, we should always remind ourselves that it is ok to slow down and breathe.


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