01 Nov Scientific Research on The Positive Effects Of Meditation

There are a lot of compelling factors about meditation that invites a person to practice. But the research on its benefits takes the meaning of meditation to a life-changing level.

Here are 4 scientific research studies done on the changes before an after practicing meditation:


1. Meditation reduces panic attacks, anxiety disorder:

20 out of 23 patients, showed that panic had reduced substantially.
A 3-year research shows the effects of meditation on anxiety: 




3. Meditation helps people overcome addictions: 


Strong links between alcohol dependence and stress, a known relapse trigger, make stress management behavioral therapies particularly attractive.

Meditation therapy has been documented to have long-lasting positive effects that can be maintained.

4. Meditation decreases depression: 

Mental depression will be the largest cause of disability worldwide.This is how meditation can help: 

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