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Aware is meditation
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a personal mindfulness trainer with


Training programs designed to enhance health, performance and relationship.


Short meditation exercises to recover quickly from a meltdown.


One-off meditation sessions to bring mindfulness to your daily activities.


Breathing Exercises, Custom Meditation, Personal Assistance, and much more.

What is Aware

Aware is partnering with universities from across the globe to integrate the Aware app as a student mental wellness resource and an educational tool for emotional intelligence. Participating universities unlock Aware’s library of mindfulness programs such as guided meditation courses, mindfulness singles, and breathing exercises — in addition to new content specifically designed for university students.

Aware helps students to:

  1. Reduce academic stress
  2. Enhance concentration, creativity & productivity
  3. Improve health & wellbeing

Become a student

Are you passionate about bringing mindfulness to the world? Aware is looking for talented and ambitious students to serve as Aware Brand Ambassadors for your campus.


Bring Aware to your

Looking for a creative tool to enhance wellness in your campus? Learn how Aware can create a stress-free, healthy and happy campus in your university.


Our Digital Kit provides posters & materials to onboard and motivate students to use Aware and share knowledge about the benefits of meditation. Download our Digital Kit here.

Why Aware

Scientific studies have proven that meditation can help reduce stress, lower anxiety, and improve concentration. The need for mindfulness meditation in university campuses is at its peak, as students are facing more stress than ever:

  1. 51% of college students have suffered from overwhelming anxiety
  2. 1 in 3 college students report prolonged periods of depression
  3. 1 in 12 college students have made a suicide plan
  4. 70% of students who suffer from mental health problems do not seek help

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Aware is the highest rated meditation app on Google Play and Apple App Stores.


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Aware University

Aware is the highest rated meditation app on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

In September, 2016, Aware was launched with a mission to measurably improve happiness in the world and since then, we have helped more than tens of thousands of people shape healthier and happier lives. Our journey has been more than phenomenal, winning hearts across the globe, and impacting lives at a scale more than imagined. Our most engaged users in this journey have been University going students, who used Aware to reduce stress, fight depression, and enhance focus.

So, with the mission to equip students with the skill of mindfulness, we launched Aware University, a not-for profit program to partner with Universities from across the globe to build campuses that are measurably happier and more productive.

There are over 3,000 scientific studies on mindfulness, with over 75 proven benefits! Meditation can enhance focus, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and augment working memory — all pretty important for the modern day college student.

To know more about the science behind, click here.

Universities that partner with Aware will unlock Aware’s entire content library for their students and their staff. That includes 30+ guided meditation training programs, 25+ mindfulness singles, set of energizers with each training program, meditation tools and several other resources. Aware Team will also work with student representatives to organize online sessions, provide assistance and create awareness about mental wellness.

Through our Aware University Ambassador program, we will hire, train, and equip influential students to spread awareness about mindfulness on your campus. These ambassadors will organize community meditation meetups, hand out Aware posters, speak at events, and serve as your campus’s resident expert in promoting all things Aware.

To maximize Calm’s reach, we’ll work with your student body, administration, counseling centers, new student orientation, residence halls, student organizations, sport bodies -- and any other department you can think of -- to help make mindfulness a common practice among your student body.

Ultimately, our mission isn’t to be just another app that’s installed and promptly forgotten. Our mission is to help students learn the transformative benefits of meditation, bringing mindfulness into their lives as a lifelong practice.

Aware is designed keeping beginners in mind. We introduce users with the basics of mindfulness and meditation using our Foundation Course. As they progress in their practice, our programs evolve with them, gradually introducing more advanced skills and concepts. Our team of researchers and meditation experts break down mindfulness & meditation into a set of simple exercises and teach them lucidly that anybody can understand and relate to. Our programming is universal and non-religious, relevant to people of all backgrounds.

Aware offers a range of training programs covering various aspects of health, performance, and relationship. It has programs that are specifically effective for students, like stress, anxiety, depression, creativity, focus, and many more.

Our intention is to share mindfulness & meditation with the world, not data. The minimal user data we do collect enables us to analyze usage statistics on the app. To make sure Aware University is making an observable impact, we work with universities to provide stats on downloads, usage, retention, and other key metrics. Otherwise, the only security information that Aware collects is a username, password and name. We do not share our data with any third party, and our data is safeguarded with high-end encrypting technology.

The Aware app is compatible on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.

Whether you’re a university student, faculty, or administrator, we’ll work with you to create a Aware University implementation plan specific to your school. By clicking “Connect” above, we can learn about your college and devise a step-by-step process individualized to the needs of your campus.

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