05 Jul #3 Yoga Retreat Lesson: Yoga and Meditation is a Lifestyle

When I returned back to Bangalore after the yoga retreat, I found that transition much more difficult than the transition to doing 4 hours of yoga and 3 hours of meditation/mantras per day.

After having a week of a very regimented schedule where you focus on taking care of your mind and body, it is difficult to switch back to the way things were before.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is that you feel that your body and mind that need time to relax, to move and bend, and to realign your inner energy.

Finding the time and the right environment to do this can be difficult. I wanted a lot of alone time, and I desired the schedule of the ashram.

Of course, it is possible to include some elements of the schedule, but you not only have to adapt yourself, but also your lifestyle.

The greatest thing I learned was that I wanted to make yoga and meditation a part of my lifestyle, and not just something that I do once in a while.

I am now practicing yoga daily, even if only for 20 minutes, and meditating too. I have begun to find that balance, and it has allowed me to feel much more refreshed and relaxed, despite the stresses and all sorts of stimuli of daily life.

– Klara Kovarova, B.A., M.A., Canada

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