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21 Jun 3 Situations Where Meditation Will Be Useful

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

Meditation is one of the best ways to clear the clutter in your mind, anywhere, anytime. You have heard how meditation relieves some of the most severe issues, such as depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety. However, meditation can also cure everyday problems that we know and hate. There is 3 situation where meditation will be useful in your day to day life.

Meditation will be useful in the following situation

  1. Brain Freeze. Creative Block. Writing Block.

For those who are working in the design and creative industry, you are constantly required to write or create something new, exciting and different. Creative block is often an enemy that you fear the most. It is only normal that we all suffer brain freeze or blockage from time to time. Don’t worry, it is only a signal from your brain to your body, requesting a short break to let your mind rest. Meditation is a great way to fully embrace the space of nothingness and clear your mind from excess information. Recharge your mind by practicing deep breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Short practice can make an impactful change in achieving a healthy balance.

  1. Noises

Noises can be from your surroundings, including family, friends, relationship, work, school, and everywhere else. These noises can amplify itself from other distractions and annoyance. If you don’t know how to filter them, it will create a huge bottleneck, resulting in an outburst of cries and anger. This is the reason why it is important to practice mindfulness every day in small doses to reconnect mind with body. It is a practice of letting go and finding a balance between all the responsibilities. Meditation filters out noises and ignites a spirit of calm. It is a private therapy for the mind to keep sane.

  1. Self-doubt. Questioning. Pondering.

It’s easy for your mind to instill negativity and hinder you from doing the next big thing. Many people, including myself, sets big goals but never achieve them because they are too afraid to take the first step. They let fear and anxiety control their mind. Meditation is a practice of mental clarity. It is a form of energizer to inject waves of energy and positivity and create a “can-do” attitude. You learn to be mindful of your capabilities that no matter what, you can strive to do more. Nothing can stop you from achieving more.  10 minutes of meditation help you to regain focus and achieve your next big goal.

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