21 Jun Unlock your creative urge and be the best version of yourself

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

Creative urge is like a knot in your stomach. You want to create something that is impactful to the business, the team, the industry and ultimately to the society. Many of us, we work hard to sustain in a fast-paced highly competitive environment. Often times, we mindlessly follow the best practice without thinking twice whether it is the right thing to do. You work and work to make ends meet. Then life becomes numbing when you do what others perceive to be the “right path”. You earn money to pay the bills and provide a better lifestyle for loved ones.

Our mind often set limits. It’s our own worst enemy beating down energy, fire, and ambition. That’s why it is important to consistently train your mind to trust your guts, your decisions, and allow your mind to acknowledge and accept emotions. Mindfulness trains our brain to listen to the feelings provoked in different situations so we better understand ourselves. What boundary is too much when others cross the line? What triggers your inner drive? Mindfulness is a powerful tool to let deep thoughts trickle in so we can be the best version of ourselves.

When you have the urge to create something artful in the world, let the anxiety settle, and allow mindfulness to instill a sense of focus, determination, and commitment. You push boundaries and feed your brain with positivity and a right attitude to be more and do more. At the end of the day, listen to that creative urge, trust your instincts and power through. Let mindfulness be the training ground for you to listen to your inner self.

Once you have unlocked your first creative urge, you will experience an intense intellectual pleasure and a rush of excitement that you have made a contribution. An awe propelling your potential to the next level.

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