22 Jun Is Meditation a Selfish Act?

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

For those who are new to meditation, the practice of being in the moment seems like a full-fledged act of self-indulgence. From an outside perspective, it seems so selfish to concentrate on yourself and forget the existence of your loved ones. There are so many problems, worries, and concerns existing at home, work, society, economy, and everywhere else, the practice of sitting in silence doesn’t serve any good deeds to the betterment of the world.

The question remains in the values and principles of meditation. It is important to understand the truth before you meditate.

Yes, meditation is a form of indulgence in the moment with you and yourself, only. It is a practice to be fully aware of your presence, existence, and surroundings. You become conscious regarding the thoughts, flowing in and out.

The first stage is to acknowledge that you are living in this moment. You are living life by making wise decisions to create a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. You take lead by first making the most of your present life so you can spread happiness to those around you. Meditation in the early stage is to gain awareness of your body and let your senses guide you to peace and tranquility.

Meditation reconnects you to reality.

We often want to escape from reality by excessively drinking, smoking, binge-eating, and over-working. These are behaviors stemmed from inner stress and escapism. We want to disconnect from the truth and let substances take over. And in the next couple of hours and even days, your body suffers from the consequences. The morning after serves as a clear reminder that escapism is temporary but wellness is perpetual. Your body can only handle so much alcohol, drug, food, and stress until it reaches a boiling point.

Meditation reconnects you to the simplicity of life. Less is more.

You can find happiness without searching elsewhere. You learn to be more authentic to others and most importantly to yourself. It provides clarity by flushing out the toxic and surrendering to a state of harmony.

When one finds peace, it transcends peace to those around them. Meditation is not selfish but selfless.

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