21 Dec

How To Handle Anger Like A Boss

Everybody has bouts of anger from time to time. One in five people has an anger management problem. Extreme anger may make you melt down in front of others and yell, scream, hit or abuse them. Such an outburst is destructive anger at its absolute...

25 Oct

How to Control Anger?

There is an age old saying that states 'Anger is men's worst enemy'. This is undoubtedly one of the wisest things ever said. Things said or done in anger leads to regrets in most cases. This is why people are often advised to never react to a...

06 Jun

Discover a Path to Uproot Your Anger (Part I)

Anger is a universal emotion, found across all cultures and nationalities. Nevertheless, excessive uncontrolled anger and that triggered by trivial issues are often considered harmful. Countdown to 10 Go into your room, lock the door, and scream Hit the Boxing bag……. These are some popular anger management techniques that you've...