21 Dec How To Handle Anger Like A Boss

Everybody has bouts of anger from time to time. One in five people has an anger management problem. Extreme anger may make you melt down in front of others and yell, scream, hit or abuse them. Such an outburst is destructive anger at its absolute worst. It hurts you and it hurts others, in physical, emotional and social ways. If you have trouble restraining yourself from angry outbursts, you need to train your mind to handle challenging and stressful situations. This is the best way to move forward to a calm, blissful life. Use the following steps to handle stressful situations like a boss.


Take notice of physical signs. When your body goes into stress mode, you will likely start to experience certain physical signs. These might include

  • Your jaws are clenched and your muscles tense.
  • Your head or stomach hurts.
  • Your heart starts racing.
  • You sweat (even the palms of your hands are sweaty).
  • Your face flushes.
  • Your body or your hands shake.
  • You get dizzy.


Take notice of emotional signs. Anger is often accompanied by a flood of other emotions. After all, the amygdala, the center for emotions, is pumping out signals with all its might to meet a threat and ensure your survival. It isn’t surprising that you can get a flood of other related emotions. These emotions are capable of sounding the alarms for the fight and flight response. In addition to anger, some emotions you might feel include:

  • Irritation
  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Resentment
  • Anxiousness
  • Defensiveness


Count to ten. If you feel yourself getting angry and are experiencing the symptoms of anger listed above, you can tell yourself that you don’t have to react right away. Counting can help you put off your feelings for the moment. It might feel a bit silly at first, but counting really can distract you long enough to calm down. Hold off your reaction and give yourself time to sort your feelings out.


Breathe deeply. Try to get some space to yourself for a bit. If you can, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, a stairwell, or outside while you do this, and this will help you feel comfortable and relaxed

  • Breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and exhale for a count of four.
  • Make sure you are breathing with your diaphragm rather than your chest. When you breathe with your diaphragm, your belly extends out (you can feel it with your hand).
  • Do this as many times as necessary until you start feeling calmer.


Repeat a calming word or phrase. Try saying something calming to yourself, such as, “Calm down,” or “Relax,” or “Take it easy.” Repeat these phrases over and over until you feel your anger start to dissipate


Get a change of scenery. If you feel your blood boil, get out. Take a walk. Breathe deeply. If you are able to remove yourself from the situation, do it. By not having the thing or person that makes you mad in front of you, you can calm down more easily.


Take Up Meditation: Any change has to come from within, so go deep inside your mind, figure out your life and gain mental control using meditation.


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