07 Aug 5 Easy-To-Adopt Habits That Will Change Your Life

Story by Veronica Baas


Since a young age I can remember fighting myself to keep bad habits at bay. From biting my nails to fiddling with my hair, nervous ticks and I have had our history.

It’s funny to me how often we criticize bad habits, but rarely recognize the importance of adopting good ones. Little adjustments to your daily routine can make a big impact on your body’s future, and the future of our planet. Add these five habits to your lifestyle today and thank yourself later.


  • Always bring a water bottle


It is recommended you drink two liters of water a day: about eight glasses. That goal is a lot easier to hit if you carry a water bottle, preferably a reusable one.

If water is your go-to drink, you cut out the average person’s largest sugar intake: sweetened drinks. For some, it’s hard to make that choice on a regular basis. People who carry a water bottle don’t have to decide what drink to buy if they’re thirsty.


  • Get your heart rate up


Working out is the obvious and most effective way to go here, but errand exercise adds up. Park far from entrances, always use the stairs, take a walk while you wait for a table at busy restaurants.

Tuning in to the health app on your phone can be a motivator too. See how many steps you’ve been walking each day. Creepily enough, most phones keep track without having to enable a feature. Being aware of how active you are might change your perspective on how to spend down time.  


  • Be gas mindful


Last year Americans consumed 143.37 billion gallons of gasoline. That’s an average of 391.73 gallons a day. Seems a bit aggressive for a nonrenewable resource (not to mention the pollution). But forget about the planet for a minute and think about your wallet. Being mindful of how much gas you use not only makes you feel better as a consumer, but it saves you a lot of money. I was surprised how quickly it adds up. See for yourself with a savings calculator.


  • Set goals


This is where I start to sound like a motivational speaker but hear me out. Setting goals is a way to hold yourself accountable to learning skills and trying new things. If you’re a list-maker like me, goal sheets have a similar effect. Use Pinterest to get creative with your goal setting.


  • Feel grateful


Lastly, be grateful. Simple enough right? Appreciation for life will bring you inner happiness, but it comes with more day-to-day energy and even health benefits. Dwelling on the negative aspects of your life is obviously going to have a bad impact on your mindset, but you’d be amazed how stress can harm your body.

Deciding to invest in adopting good habits makes me more mindful of my bad habits too. There will always be temptations or urges I can’t control, but there are tons of ways I can better myself without giving more effort than a thought here and there.

Veronica Bass

Veronica Baas is a recent graduate from CSU, born and raised in southern Colorado. She enjoys writing, photography and strong coffee. For fun she can be found outside hiking, climbing or biking. 

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