04 Sep Rachel on Using Aware To Bring Her Closer To Her Real-Self.

Rachel is our Mindfulness Hero of the week and she wanted to share her story to inspire you.  As you read her unique perspective on meditation she let’s you know that meditators all over the world are with you on this journey towards mindfulness.

And she gives AWESOME advice for any beginner! Let’s see  what she has to say:


1. What does meditation mean to you?

For me personally, it means calming my rather over thinking brain. It means I calm my ruminating mind. It eases my Bi-Polar moods. It brings me closer to my real-self. It’s like a holiday for my mind and body. I could say a lot more..but I’d be here too long.


2. Could you share some tips on meditation for beginners?

The challenges I faced when first starting, and still do if I’ve broken the habit are setting time aside and being consistent. I’d say to any beginner at first just DO it! Don’t worry too much about a special way, how long, expecting something, just get into the habit of doing the practice. I’m not a consistent type so I’m always pleased if I can achieve some momentum. After that the nitty gritty and mechanics of meditation and the rest flows. Also, don’t expect anything to happen. No fireworks! No sparks. It’s not a feeling, more a being. Try to allow thoughts to be there, but don’t engage with them. I tend to say..oh hello thought, goodbye and bring myself back to the breath or whichever process I’m using. There is no correct way, no special skills..just show up and be!


3. What are the few challenges you have faced with meditation and how have you overcome them?

I overcome any problems with the practices as I try, try and keep going. I read advice from the Aware blog. I don’t call them problems really, or challenges. I take it all to be as expected, and for the higher good.


4. How has Aware helped to make meditation easier for you?

Aware has helped in the fact that they are supportive and genuine. Their aim is about meditation for all, Not only a few who can afford hefty subscriptions. The blog is really informative and always gives me more incentives to meditate. I find the courses, singles, breath etc are the best I’ve come across. The guiding voices are the most serene and nurturing by far. You feel you’re in a room with your own personal guide. The new breath section is great, I plan to use that more. The app is very smooth and gets better each time. The support from staff is also good as they really do reply back to emails.

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