18 Aug The Right Time and Place For Meditation

Meditation can be a bit daunting in the beginning. This article is going to help you figure out the best time and place for your meditation, so that you can meditate every day.

Let’s begin with the right time for meditation:

In the beginning it is best to meditate for short periods -ten to thirty minutes - and end your session while mind and body are still comfortable and fresh. If you push yourself to meditate for too long, and rise from your seat with an aching body and a frustrated mind, you won’t have much interest in sitting down to meditate again. That is not the goal of meditation. Meditation should be a satisfying and productive experience, not a burden.

You should decide beforehand on a period of time( mornings are the best) for the session and stick to it, even if the meditation is going well. As your skill develops you can increase the length of your session accordingly.

However, there may be times where you need to practice right now. Say, you are struggling with going to sleep, then that is the ideal time to meditate, if you want to. Similarly, if you face anxiety or stress throughout the day, then you can pick up a short single or energizer and then carry on.

In conclusion, you can meditate for short bursts or longer depending on your comfort level and your need/purpose of meditation.

Let’s move on to the right place for meditation: 

If possible, it is best to reserve a room or corner especially for your meditation sessions. Set up your seat, either a cushion on the floor, on a bed or sofa or a straight-backed chair. Ideally, the place should be clean and quiet, where you won’t be disturbed. However, with discipline it is possible to meditate in a crowded, noisy environment. Even if your surroundings, are busy and noisy make your meditation place as pleasing and comfortable as possible, so that you are happy to be there and can’t wait to return.

References have been taken from: “How To Meditate by Kathleen McDonald”.

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