08 Jul The Magic of Visualization

Visualization is a powerful tool for many areas of personal growth. It is sometimes referred to as the use of mental imagery to obtain an objective. A vivid mental picture of the desired thing is held firmly fixed in the mind as if it had already happened. Creative visualization also is known by other terms such as “positive thinking,” “positive imagery,” “dynamic imaging,” “creating imaging,” “imaging,” and so on.
It is ancient knowledge that the power of thought, imagination, and will does change circumstances. Creative visualization does help the individual to organize the resources necessary to achieve the goal or task that he is presented with. It also is believed to aid in establishing a harmony which facilitates fortuitous synchronicities, or opportunities, and “good luck.” With visualization the person is better able to use his advantages because he is more aware of them.

The old story of visualization came from the very first Bibles. Jacob wanted to produce spotted cattle in order to be allowed to marry Rachel.
What did he do? He cut little round bits of bark off the trees, and laid these pieces of wood at the bottom of a dear stream where the cattle drank. Every time the beasts looked into the water, they visualize these spots, and their offspring brought Jacob his longed-for spotted cattle.
A more recent story of visualization came to light when Jacob Kennedy (a Negro who went to his work repairing carriages, with very little money in his pocket) began to visualize. By little installments he bought a ticket in the Irish Sweepstake. He placed it in a Bible and visualized every night that he would make a fortune. He visualized himself as coming into untold wealth. He could see this wealth coming to him. He had no shadow of doubt about it. He believed.
Then one day he paused to listen to the broadcast of the Derby, and when he heard that Cameronian had won and bought him a fortune, he slipped to his knees in front of the radio and solemnly gave thanks.
Visualization had brought out the magic in his mind, and he was now a rich man.
When you had only some small change in your pocket, did you visualize?
The Great Psychologist said, “Go and replenish;”but look at the world look at the hospitals, that is how man has replenished. And all because he has never been taught that he is his own creator. Every time you use your mind you create. You produce a mental picture that immediately takes from. Like the man who visualized the penknife at the laboratories. Are you visualizing intensely, or is all you are getting a foggy mess?
One of the quickest way to bring out the magic in your mind, and to obtain anything you set your heart on, is to practice visualizing what you want. Nothing but good can come from visualization if you are positive in your desires. The things you want will come automatically. As you progress you will find a gradual transformation taking place in your life.
When you are out on a sunny day and you see a stream of cars going by, do you begin to say to yourself, “How on earth do they get those beautiful cars?”You haven’t seen a really old one pass by.
Well, you can have a luxurious car. You are entitled to one. What to do about it?
If you really want a car, and you command your subconscious positively, you can get it, for the subconscious can do anything you want it to do, within the confines of the material plane.
The first step is knowing what you want. Exactly what and when. You want a car, but do you want an old Ford or a brand-new Cadillac?
Perhaps it’s a Jaguar you want? Be specific, tell your subconscious in so many words exactly the make and type of car you want. And when you want it. The new Jaguar isn’t going to do you much good when you are on your deathbed. Make it clear what you want and when.
You wouldn’t ask for a new Jaguar in five minutes, because your intellect would say, “There’s no hope of my getting such a car in five minutes!”and you wouldn’t get it. Be reasonable. Give a sensible time limit. Now the thing is, you may be absolutely unable to see how on earth you could get a new Jaguar on what you are earning at the moment, but other factors come into play. You may get a sudden windfall. You may hit the jackpot in some exciting competition. Possibly it’s your turn for the big money. Don’t draw lines between the possible and the impossible. Leave it to your subconscious to get it for you in its own magical way, by command of your will.


“Bring out the magic in your mind” by Al Koran.

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