25 Sep The art of channelizing emotions towards success

Emotions are an integral part of the human psyche. Without emotions we wouldn’t have been the dominant species. However as unique as human emotions might be and no matter how empowering they might be, pretty much like everything else emotions too unfortunately bring some adverse side effects, which, if not kept in control might lead to a lot of harmful consequences. But, if we could channelize them into something positive and constructive, these very side effects might turn into something fruitful.

We have listed some of the most effective ways in which you might be able to channelize some of your more harmful emotions that have been pulling you down all this while into something of value.

1.Modify your memories and emotions towards constructivity and success.

Almost everything you believe in right now about your respective selves, about your external as well as internal world scenarios, your worldly experiences and other daily information or facts generally tend to be the immediate byproducts of your memories that are your past or present experiences or your future expectations, based on your past or your present.

The only reason why you might think that you have any desires in your life at all is because your conscious as well as subconscious mind tends to believe that it is actually quite possible for you to end up manifesting your desires.

Even if a goal might appear quite far-fetched in your mind, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you keep feeling the desire for making it happen in your gut, it means that your subconscious as well as your conscious mind believe that it’s possible for you to achieve it someday. And this sort of belief is based on your mind’s storehouse of previous memories. The trick here, therefore, is to really have a deeper understanding of how your memories work and then try deliberately modifying them towards benefit. If you can learn how to consciously work your subconsciously based memories and modify them towards benefit then you can end up achieving literally any goal that you set in your life.

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2. Rid yourself of powerful negative memories and eliminate limiting or pessimistic beliefs

One of the primary reasons why lots of people struggle in their lives is mostly because of their past failures. Your past failures might make you experience negative emotions and stick to negative beliefs that pull you down and make you think that you can’t do all those things that you desperately want to, even though you might find success if you gave them a shot. The concepts of success and failure is in one’s mind simply. If you believe that you can do something then your mind helps you believe in the idea which leads to you physically being capable of working harder towards that goal that in turn helps you end up achieving those goals. But if you absolutely believe that you can’t do something then the negativity associated with such beliefs will make your mind give up on the task even before you have really tried it. Failure is everywhere and like the common saying “Failure is the pillar of success”. The fear of failure should not stop anybody from trying to achieve their goals. For example various business-owners are always at various risks of failure, and this might end up making them quite completely risk-averse because of all the failures that they have encountered repeatedly in their lives. They might hesitate to take risks in their lives even if some of them might seem to be the right and smart ones. The key towards solving this problem is to release all the trapped power these negative beliefs, memories or experiences might have over your mind. When you release these negative emotions or beliefs and separate them from your mind, they cease to have any power over you anymore and there being nothing to pull you down, you might actually end up achieving those goals with absolute success. This you can do by either getting rid of all your negative beliefs by indulging in nothing but positive experiences, scenarios and hence beliefs, or by reducing the intensity of all those bad memories stored in your mind.

This is how you can help your mind in reducing the intensity of your bad memories:

  1. Take a hike or a short trip to somewhere quiet and peaceful. This will refresh your body and mind and help you take a break from daily mundanes and relax for a while.
  2. Once you are there, try visualizing or simply thinking of a past bad memory that has power over you and might have affected you. Now try picturing this memory in as much a vivid way as possible.
  3. Once you grasp up a clear picture of this bad memory, try imagining it getting dimmer, hazier and smaller in the eye of your mind.
  4. Now try changing the previous color of this memory’s image in your mind to a grayscale or a black and white image.
  5. Now use all your will power and gently try scrambling this bad memory and getting rid of the power it once had over you.
  6. This exercise will help you in getting rid of powerful bad memories or experiences and this can be practised regularly to effectively reduce the intensity of one’s previous bad memories.

3. Improve your strengths and rid your weaknesses through the replacement of previously stored negative images with positive ones

Now that you find success in letting go of your negative memories or overwhelming experiences that have control over you, you should know that just doing this isn’t enough; you also have to keep feeding your mind with lots of newer and fresher positive thoughts, feelings as well as images about yourself too to truly find success in your life at any given time or place.

This can be done by creating an exact opposite image of the negative and harmful memory that you successfully removed from your mind and then installing that new positive image into your subconscious deliberately. For example if you have been inconsistent in planning and achieving your goals and you tried to rework this inconsistent self-image, then now it might be time for you to try and picture an opposite of that image which could be an image of a new and improved, consistent you.

This is how you can replace your old image of powerful negativity with an exact opposite image of a new and fresh positivity:

  1. Try creating an image of yourself where you are absolutely consistent in terms of your goals or just simply in terms of your mental will power.
  2. Try making sure that you see this positive and fresh image as vividly as you can in the eye of your mind.
  3. Now try making this new positive image as bright as you can in your mind and try bringing it as close to yourself as possible.
  4. Now try invoking as well as associating nothing but purely positive and refreshing emotions with this image while you picture it in the eye of your mind.
  5. Finally try continually doing this in a repetitive way upto 10 times or more and you will immediately be able to feel the change almost instantly while you start feeling much better than you did before this exercise. The trick here is that the more you experience the positive memory, the more your mind will push you towards achieving it in reality and therefore, the more you might want to work hard towards making it a reality in your life.

And if you somehow manage to modify your negative memories or experiences deliberately, you will be able to achieve anything you want in life. You will be able to :

  1. Overcome and get rid of bad habits permanently, while creating positive and supportive new habits simultaneously.
  2. Banish all your deep-rooted negative beliefs, deepest fears or self-limiting beliefs and ideas.
  3. Regulate your behavior towards the betterment of self-productivity as well as maximum will power.
  4. Increase concentration and focus on your goals and objectives and achieve success in the same.


4. Boost your levels of self-confidence and self-reliance

If you think that your self-confidence and self-reliance is much lesser than it should be, you should know a true fact first that nobody in this world is ever born with absolute and limitless self-confidence in them. If you notice somebody who seems to possess incredible levels of self-reliance or self-confidence, it is mostly because they might have worked really hard towards building it into their character since a long period of time. Self-confidence and self-reliance are some of those things that you learn as well as work hard towards building up. And even though this highly challenging world might pull you down and work towards deflating it, you need to find and maintain confidence in yourself and try permanently instilling a spirit of self-reliance that in turn will help you immensely in achieving whatever your goals might be in the end.

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5. Find healthy ways to express your accumulating negative emotions towards positivity and constructivity

Indulge in recreational activities or other hobbies that define your personality the best or simply in positive activities that excite you. Everybody has a few hobbies or things that they always wanted to keep doing throughout their lives like running, singing, dancing, etc. These hobbies or activities might help you more in life than you might think. These activities are healthy ways through which you will be able to express or blow off all the negative steam from all your negative beliefs or emotions. You will be able to channelize all your negativity through healthy and positive activities and this in turn will help you achieve your goals in the long run while helping you stay fit and happy while you do some happy things for just your own self.


Written with love by Sreya Dutta.

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    Posted at 02:37h, 28 September Reply

    Very informative on emotions. A lot of decisions we make are based on emotions. Having the techniques to channel them positively is very helpful.

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