07 Jan I saw my real self - Hristina Mpotsa, Mindfulness Hero

Hristina Mpotsa, our Mindfulness Hero of the week, struggled for years with panic attacks & anxiety before she took up mindfulness & meditation and discovered her real self that is filled with love and kindness. She says she is a better version of herself today and she strives to get better each day. Let’s hear from her how her journey has been-

Why did you start meditating?

Hristina: I had always wanted to meditate, since childhood. There were no meditation options in my city in Greece. I tried many times but did not manage to get a class that actually helped me. When I got ill from panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia and depression, I read a book by Bronwyn Fox, ‘Power Over Panic’. She was an ex sufferer from Australia who through mindful meditation found cure and helped thousands of people across the globe.

In the book, she describes how to practice mindfulness meditation, but I didn’t manage to practice, no matter how much I tried. But she did convince me on how much mindfulness & meditation could help me. I searched for classes again on internet, but the sessions were not helping me.

Until I found the Aware app. I was really lucky to find the right kind of meditation that I was looking for years and since then, my journey with mindfulness & meditation has been wonderful.

How has meditation helped you in becoming a better person?

Hristina: It helped me stop holding my breath, which I realized I have been doing all my life. It helped me be in contact with my emotions, also the negative ones, and be less stressed. Thus, I was less tensed in my everyday life and wanted to communicate even more positively with other people.

Also, it made me see inside of me, the pain I am carrying, and made me even more understanding of others’ negativity, and helped me not to engage with it.

What made you stick to Aware?

Hristina: That it was helping me be calm at the end of the day, which is the time when I can practice. It made me see my real self. Not in just moments but during the whole session. It helped me fall asleep right after I finished the session. It made me see hope that if I practice and practice, I will finally be in contact with my real self.

It made me dream of simple pleasures in life and made me feel really content with them. That having depression really all my life, and anxiety disorder was a small miracle.

 What has been your life-hack to make meditation a habit? Share some tips for beginners.

Hristina: Give yourself some time every day. Know that meditation is life-changing. It did change my life. Have the curiosity to understand how your mind works; explore your real self and not be disappointed at all with the wandering mind.

Now, I wish that, with more practice, I can experience the same calmness and positivity throughout the day that I feel after meditating. Also that I will cure the pain and the fear that has taken my life away since I remember myself. I wish you the best, we’re partners in the same journey to discover our real selves.

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