15 Best Blogs to Follow on Meditation

30 Aug 15 Best Blogs to Follow on Meditation

In the age of internet, meditation takes the limelight of searches for the distressed souls. Souls that are looking for virtual peace to make their reality livable. In this era, a few have risen to create blogs that act as a guiding light for the ones who are looking for the right technique to make peace with their chaotic selves.

Here are the top 15 blogs that you can follow to cherish your chosen path of meditation:

  1. Aware
    Completely biased you may think, but we believe we at Aware offer a different perspective to meditation and bring stories from daily practitioners and experts to elucidate on the world of mindfulness meditation.
  2. Headspace
    Headspace blog is the most interesting as it introduces the practice of mindfulness in a simpler way. The blogs have diverse range of categories with expert insights on day-to-day applications.
  3. Tiny Buddha
    This blog encourages the community feeling of being a part of a culture that allows everyone to be happy. You can participate in conversations, contribute your writing and join multiple forums.
  4. Live and Dare
    Live and dare allows you to explore the different paths of meditation. It has a 5 week online course on ‘Master Your Mind’’ in the form of a podcast created by the founder Giovanni Dienstmann.
  5. The Chopra Center
    Coming from the land of meditation, this Indian routed mediation blog offers everything from multiple sessions, articles and webinars for active and ongoing participation.
  6. Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
    This simple designed blog offers not just relevant articles but also reviews on various products available in the market in the field of meditation. It also has an online shop to make a quick purchase and allow the path of meditation to enter your life without any hindrance.
  7. Mrs. Mindfulness
    This is a personal blog on the experiences of Australian artist Melli. She uses this blog as a tool to narrate episodes of her life and the way she tackled it with the help of meditation.
  8. Self-Compassion
    Created by a psychologist herself, Dr.Neff helps her readers learn the act of self adoration and compassion towards others. It also hosts events to help fellow meditators unite.
  9. GabbyB.tv
    Gabrielle is a young yoga instructor and a twitter influencer. Her blogs are in line with mindsets of the younger generation and often help them find the right path to happiness with the help of technology such as social media, videos and e-books.
  10. Bexlife
    Bex is a popular YouTube celebrity. Handling the role of a chronic meditator hustling with the busy live of a wife and mother of 5, she uploads videos on her day to day dealings with the help of meditation.
  11. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta is a popular name in India as a renowned hypnotherapist and child psychologist. His meditation practices focuses on teaching the skills of mindfulness and compassion to children to help them become better future adults.
  12. Sharon Salzberg
    Renowned author Sharon has spent most of her life in India to unlock the doors of self-happiness. With the help of nine books she tries to spread her knowledge of self-acknowledgement and also the importance of meditation for children.
  13. Fragrant Heart
    This blogs focuses on the voices of the heart. It offers meditation programs that can be practiced during busy hours of the day such a 2 minutes stress release meditation.
  14. David Lynch Foundation
    This blog is specially designed for the survivors of abuse. It also has programs specifically made for students to increase academic concentration, for people suffering from terminal illness and the ones in prison.
  15. How to be happy
    As the name resounds, these are some on the go articles that one can read to achieve peace of mind and instant happiness within seconds. It covers topics such as famous meditation quotes, walking meditation and savor every moment.

With so many fantastic blogs out there, hesitate no more and commence your journey in to the world of meditation and mindfulness.

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    Being a meditation lover, I’m always eager to learn more about it. Glad to see such a wonderful list. I’m already following some of them and would love to explore more. Thanks for compiling this list. It’s amazing.

  • HarjinderSingh
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    I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with us. I am also writing on meditation, fitness and spirituality. My mission is to bring meditation and personal growth to all human beings on this planet. I hope you will add my website to your list.

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    Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. I read your blog you have so much information about the different meditation techniques. Even Inspire3 is also a manufactures of powerful products that help to meditate and boost your brain power.

  • Antje Maurer
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    Thank you for posting this detailed article. I’ve searched for different articles about meditation and different from you. It’s full of answers and new ideas. But according to the other article, there’s a new meditation technique and their studies shows that meditation practice while listening to healing music is a good practice in reducing anxiety and depression. It helps your mind, body, and soul to find relaxation, calmness, and healing. Learning new techniques are really great to know.

  • Jagjot Singh
    Posted at 06:34h, 02 May Reply

    These are some of the blogs i follow myself. I’m a meditation and mindfulness practitioner and i write articles related to it on my blog MindfulnessQuest. Over the course of years meditation has made me into a more calm and relaxed person. In addition to the physical benefits i also look upon meditation as a vehicle that can help us transcend the barriers of the physical and merge with the universal consciousness.

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