12 Jul 3 Mindfulness Tips For When You Feel Dull At Work

It can happen every so often, that the passion for your career can fade. Having too much to do and not enough time to do it in, constant financial pressure, or the risk of getting fired- can be turn-offs when it comes to finding the fire to pursue what you love.

An endless ritual that bogs people down, is scientifically proven to increase stress, and reduce the will to be more creative and innovative. According to this study, a 2015 Gallup poll found that 67% of Americans come to work disengaged.

When work shifts from exciting to being dull, we may be faced with asking ourselves the question ” Why am I still here? “. Most of us will think that the choices we make, are supported by ensuring a living (putting food on the table, helping my family financially, challenge myself professionally, or make a difference, etc). But what if our answers could be looked at from a different angle?

Tip 1: Befriend Your Colleagues, and ask them to join you for lunch. What this allows you to do is, not only does it enrich your workstation so that you are surrounded by positivity, it also opens up your mind to what they want from you, their values and how you can do that.  Then before you go on to the next activity, reflect on what it felt like to be open but at the same time confident.

Tip 2: Positive Realism, by means of having an awesome co-worker, the food from a nearby restaurants you love to order, the view from your window, etc are great things to improve a dull day. Let your surroundings and the environment of joy around you create an adventure today!

Tip 3: Take Time To Reflect, in case you decided to say enough is enough. Give yourself 2 months to visualize the answer to: ” If you could be very successful at your job, what would it look like enjoying work every day? “. Try to reflect on what others did or didn’t do with their jobs, take inspiration and gain a broader perspective. With your answers, you can choose to pursue the job you currently have or bring these insights to your next job.



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