19 Jul 8 Crazy Myths About Breastfeeding

Here are 8 crazy myth busters on breast feeding for prenatal mindfulness:


Number 1: Calling the first milk “Witches Milk”

Colostrum( the very first milk produced ) is commonly identified in certain parts of the world as “Witches Milk” and nursing mothers proceed to throw the milk away. However, this is the most precious milk as it contains more protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals and immunoproteins.


Number 2: Breastfeeding leads to change in size and shape of the breast.

Nursing mothers assume that breastfeeding can cause changes in size and shape and then proceed to avoid breastfeeding. The breasts may lag but using a supportive nursing bra is key.


Number 3: Mothers think that they become weak.

Many mothers think that they will become tired if they keep feeding the child. On the contrary, breastfeeding mothers are protected from many diseases like uterine and breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, and many other diseases.


Number 4: Mothers start early supplementation.

Mothers think that early supplementation is beneficial for the child, so along with breastfeeding, they will start early supplementation of artificial milk or food.

Exclusive breastfeeding for six months is an advisable practice. Why?

Early supplementation will cause allergic reactions in babies due to lack of intestinal maturity( the villi will develop and mature over a period of six months). So you have to wait for six months.


Number 5: Milk production depends on size the of the breast.

Some women think that if they have small breasts, they produce less milk and if they have big breasts, they will produce more milk. Irrespective of breast size, milk is produced as the baby sucks the mother’s breast with proper breastfeeding techniques ( proper position and latch which encourages the baby to suck, enhancing milk production)


Number 6: Waiting for breast fullness.

Many mothers wait for the breast to become full, thinking that the baby will get enough supply of milk to satisfy the hunger. This practice can cause breast engorgement and less milk production.  Why?

When you do that the baby cannot latch on to the breast properly which leads to soreness and when the breast is full, it produces an inhibitory hormone which leads to less milk production.


Number 7: Breast feedings is painful.

Many mothers don’t breast feed because they are afraid that it is painful. Breastfeeding is not painful,  improper positioning and latch leads to pain and soreness.


Number 8: “Evil Eye” for some one To watch you breastfeeding.

Many women don’t breastfeed the baby in front of others thinking that they will produce less because of an evil eye.  The milk production depends on the proper positioning of the baby to the breast( hold the child at chest level) and latch.


Article written by Mrs. S Abraham BSN,IBCLC (International  Board Certified Lactation Consultant) worked in Al Baraha Hospital , Dubai as a Lactation Consultant  and Baby Friendly Co-ordinator for 7 yrs . She has more than 15 yrs of experience in various nursing fields including In-service education .


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