15 Sep How to Hack Self-Confidence?

Often, we stumble upon days in our lives that make us feel undermined, questioned, threatened and lack of confidence to take control over the situation. At such times, meditation comes to the rescue. The act of meditation, especially to gain confidence, comprises of basic techniques that help you find a calm and composed spot in yourself. It helps you psychologically escape from a stressful situation and figure out your options for making better decisions.

So, if you are wondering if there were any easy techniques to hack self-confidence and gain control over our lives, your wish has just come true.

Whenever you feel stressed, don’t forget to breathe. You may sub-consciously be breathing considering it’s a must for being alive; you need to immediately pay attention to your rhythm. The moment your rhythm goes haywire, you know you are in trouble. Therefore, the instant you realize that you can’t get rid of the thought that is shaking your mind and body, breathe. Concentrate and take control over your breath and calm yourself down.

Being mindful is about being aware. Awareness is not just with respect to your feelings but measuring the vibes and thoughts of others. It often works in a stressful situation when you are aware of the psyche of your opponent or someone who might have the power to give you stress. That is the moment you start thinking about what might be their problem to corner you in such a situation. Once you have found an answer to that, you will be able to view the situation with a different lens and may be more compassionate towards others to help you gain absolute control.


Yoga works miraculously in calming your mind and also your body. In stress we often derail our thoughts and feel disturbing pain or blurriness. At such times, you must immediately act upon a calming yoga posture, typically the one wherein you hold your ring finger and press the half-moon under your nail with your thumb, to calm yourself. This helps your divert your thought and take you to a peaceful place. Once you have cracked the rhythm of breath and concentration, you can take control over the confidence.

Meditation is an art form to calm yourself. With regular practice you can achieve inner peace, just like master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda. Meditation is not just about rejuvenating your senses but also to increase self-esteem. It helps you analyze a situation and act upon it without holding any regrets for what’s right, according to you. It helps you make wiser and calmer decisions that not only benefit you but also others around you. With higher self-esteem, self-confidence comes handy.

The Ultimate Truth
The ultimate truth is the self-realization of what is the worst that can happen. When the powers of mindfulness are combined with meditation, one can easily conclude the final situation in their minds and work backwards towards achieving desirable results. This technique works only after regular practice.

With these simple techniques, you can hack self-confidence at any time and day. So, the next time you feel low, simply read this article.

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