12 Jul Ghislain on Calming The Little Hamster In His Head!

Read Ghislain’s story on how he used meditation to calm down his mind and find a solution to finding a good night’s rest.

1. How have you made meditation a part of your life?

I needed something to calm the little hamster in my head since I was up to the point where I had a hard time going to sleep.  Medication did not work. Some natural products did the trick, but I was groggy in the morning. Even acupuncture did not help that much. So I tried meditation as a last resort.  So far, so good. I meditate when I wake up as a part of my morning routine. I also meditate just before going to bed as a bedtime routine.

2. What changes has meditation brought to your life?

Meditation does train you to become aware of your thoughts and eventually, filter them to a point where they have less power on your body and mind.

3. What are the tips or advice you would want to share with beginners?

My advice is that you must be patient and be consistent. It takes time to change bad habits.

4. How has Aware helped you in your journey?

Since I prefer guided meditation, Aware has been very helpful. We all have a tendency to wander off, so Aware is a good guide.


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