27 May 3 Ways How Meditation Helps with Anti-Aging

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong


With meditation, 50 is the new 30.


Don’t you ever want to look young forever and turn back the biological clock without taking any anti-aging medicines? Time is ticking and everyone wants to get things done as soon as possible. Often times, stress, anxiety and emotions negatively affect our day-to-day lives. Wrinkles, white hair, back pain, weak vision are common signs of aging. It almost seems inevitable that aging will eventually get the best of us.


But there’s always hope. According to studies, scientists have proven that meditation is a natural method to effectively slow down the aging process. Here are 3 ways how daily meditation helps to increase our youthfulness.


  1.      Meditation can stop the acceleration of cellular aging by increasing telomerase activity.


Nobel Prize winner, Elizabeth Blackburn, discovered telomeres, which are protective caps on the end of chromosomes. Based on her research, the concept is that the shorter your telomeres, the more exposed you are to degeneration and disease. Those who practice meditation are shown to have longer telomeres, by an average of 10%. Having longer telomeres were associated to many psychological traits, including increased happiness and life satisfaction.

  1.      Daily meditation decreases negative emotions to strive towards a happier, and healthier mind.

Meditation releases emotions that have been bottling up in your body to ease tensions and constraints. Instead of running away from negative emotions, you acknowledge its presence and directly face difficult challenges in a calm and relaxed manner. It is a practice to be open-minded and be engaged to different thoughts and feelings. The principle is to relive the youthfulness with openness.

  1.      Meditation provides a daily dose of energy into your body.


The basis of meditation is deep breathing, which brings oxygen deep down into your lungs. It acts as energizers to relieve from stress and anxiety. Increased oxygen helps to rejuvenate your skin, aligning your mental state to your physical state.

In essence, meditation is a time for you to solely focus on yourself and bridge the gap between your mind and body. When you are more conscious of your well being, you will make a greater effort to improving your health.

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