13 Nov I can experience peace and clarity that mindfulness can bring - Ravi Kiran

“I can experience peace, clarity and absolute stillness that mindfulness can bring”, says Ravi Kiran, our Mindfulness Hero of the month, after being consistent with his practice of meditation. We spend a lot of time being anxious about our future leading to stress that impacts how we lead our lives. Ravi was going through the same phase till he decided to take up meditation and shape a healthier life for himself. So, we got in touch with him to know more about his journey.

1. Why did you start meditating?
Ravi: Multiple factors. Because of the pseudo work pressure that my mind used to create, I was always tied up by a clutter of thoughts. I knew I was a better, calm and caring person but I perceived that slowly fading away when I used to get anxious or stressed. I used your app [Aware] a year back and stopped it because I wasn’t able to meditate regularly. I gave it another shot and now, I’m more consistent and I have finished almost every course I intended to do on time at the same time of the day every day. I can experience peace, clarity and absolute stillness that mindfulness can bring. So I decided not to miss a single day, single session, no matter where I am and what I’m doing.

2.  How has meditation helped you in becoming a better person?
Ravi: I was anxious for 30-40% of my day about my future. Also with respect to relationships, I was very reactive. After meditation with Aware regularly, I started listening more to others, be non-judgmental to have better clarity, wake up at the same time every day, clean my home regularly, be more involved in my work, be less critical about others and developed more empathy.

3. What made you stick to Aware?
Ravi: Aware is one of a kind application. It believes in the mantra - ‘be consistent & patient and results will follow’. Because of my past experiences, I strongly believe that there is no quick fix for all the problems that life throws at you. You need to recognize, accept, investigate and detach (non-attachment) - the RAIN method taught by Mr. Públio in his masterclass which I’m planning to finish soon. I believe Aware has strong fundamentals and I do not really care about flashy UI as long as it serves my purpose of being mindful. 

4. What has been your life-hack to make meditation a habit? Share some tips for beginners.
Ravi: Though I was doing mindfulness meditation for over an year, i consider myself a beginner. I do it regularly to see its manifestation. I believe without consistency & persistence, nothing lasts more than it’s supposed to. Very few are lucky to experience that stage. For beginners, I suggest only one thing - you need to be peaceful, calm before expecting world to solve your problems. Mediation helps you to achieve that.

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