22 Sep Life is more enjoyable now - Valerii

After meditating for some time, Valerii, our mindfulness hero of the month, says that life is more enjoyable when he meditates. So, we got in touch with him to know more about his experience and share some of them with you for motivation.

Why did you start meditating?

At first it was due to scientifically proven benefits. But at some point I just felt that it lets me deal with stress, anxiety, depression and procrastination. At some point, I just got hold of a brochure-like book “The Art of Breathing” by Danny Penman; enjoyed it and tried his guided meditations. And then I felt it — for two weeks I practiced regularly and… Well, despite many stressful factors it was the most optimistic part of a slightly hard stage of my life.
How has meditation helped you in becoming a better person?
I became more concentrated, less stressed. I used to complain a lot, but somehow recently, every day when I meditate, I perceive the day as a nice day despite anything and without a second thought. Now it’s more enjoyable and less taxing to do anything and talk with people.
What made you stick to Aware?
My friend recommended it to me and because I was looking for a good reason to start practice somehow it just worked. You know that guided meditation is good when the narrator has a very relaxed and “light” (both as in perception of weight and brightness) voice.
What has been your life-hack to make meditation a habit? Share some tips for beginners.
It’s great to select time of the day when you are sure you will not be distracted and/or meditate right after waking up. Also it is always nice to put in some meditation breaks on schedule. Oh, one more thing — try to forget about time when you are meditating. You will know when it’s time to get up — it’s guided meditation, right? If you are meditating by yourself, just set up a timer with a soft ringer.

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