09 Nov How to Improve your Concentration and Attention?

While some people have the ability to sit and work for hours, some need a break in every 10 minutes. This happens because some can concentrate on their work for a long time while some get distracted with every single thing that happens around them. However, it does not necessarily mean that people who can work for hours actually have the ability to concentrate for hours. They sometimes lose their focus in between their task and get lost in random thoughts. So when they are gazing continuously at their computer screen or in their file or book, there is a possibility that they are actually in their dreamy world and not focused on their work.

Not being able to concentrate is a very common problem faced by people these days. Be it kids or grownups, they fail to focus completely on their task for too long and as a result do not get results which they are capable of. Not able to get what you deserve is a big problem and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. So here are some exercises which you should practice daily in order to improve your concentration and attention:

4 Exercises to Improve your Concentration

  • Mindfulness

There are many studies which prove that mindfulness can actually help you improve your concentration and attention towards the task you are performing. It basically helps you in the growth of neural networks in the brain.     This growing network of neurons actually rewires your brain to find new and better ways to handle your stress as well as your emotions. The end result is the improvement in your focus and concentration abilities.

Many people do not even think of adopting mindful practice because they feel it will be tough for them. This is not true at all. Mindful meditation is no rocket science. You just need to learn to focus on your present moment. It is true that it will be tough initially but with time and practice, you will be able to master it.

Begin with small moments from your daily routine. For example, if you are smiling, just smile, if you are eating just eat, if you are breathing then focus on your breath etc. Basically, you need to focus on whatever you are doing. Your mind will wander around while you are trying to focus but do not feel irritated or bad about it. Acknowledge the thoughts that it brings in and bring your attention back to where it was before your mind started wandering. Do this for about 5 minutes and try to identify how that exercise made you feel.

  • Belly Breathing

You might wonder if something like this actually exists. Well, the answer is yes. It is simply a way of breathing efficiently. Place one hand on your stomach and inhale deeply for about 3 seconds. While you do so feel your stomach contracting. Now slowly exhale and feel your stomach slowly expanding.

Inefficient breathing often limits the amount of oxygen reaching your brain which suppresses your concentration. This exercise would improve your breathing which would not only result in improved focus and learning but will also give a boost to your IQ.


  • Build your Willpower

The reason why your mind gets distracted by every small activity happening in your surroundings is because you let it do so. It is the result of a weak willpower. So if distractions are very frequent in your case then it is the time you start working on strengthening your willpower. A strong willpower will let you focus on whatever task you are doing while ignoring the distractions deliberately.

  • Memorize Things

Make it a habit of memorizing some poem, story or phrase each week. Memorizing stuff is a great way to exercise the muscles of your brain and improving concentration.

It is very important to avoid getting distracted in between your work. This is because when a person gets distracted it takes him about 25 minutes on an average to get back to the work he was originally doing. Thus, you will simply be wasting your precious time especially when you are in the middle of something important. So practice these exercises to improve your concentration and generate better results.

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