01 Feb How To Get Peace In Life By Strengthening Relationships

A friend when asked “ How to get peace in life? ” answered “ I think peace in life means making the person I love happy”. This was an individual who valued the beauty of a relationship (whether it was with his parents, friends or soulmate) so much, that it gave him a sense of peace and self-fulfillment when they felt loved and wanted.
This got me thinking about relationships, and what it means to be in a good one. My friend clearly feels that it deserves a higher place in his life, and as many of us crave a loving healthy relationship( as we are social beings), I must say, that I agree with him!

Here are some quotes for inspiration on how to get peace in life by enhancing relationships in the most mindful way.

2016-11-15-19-46-35Nehita Abraham

Nehita is a mindfulness expert who writes extensively on lifestyle management, wellness and ways to lead a healthier and a happier life. She is a part of Aware’s expert team on meditation. She is also an avid artist who spends most her time dribbling amazing stories through art.


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