30 Jun Julie Talks About Adding Another Layer of Calm with Meditation

Our Mindfulness Hero, Julie shares her very personal journey of how meditation has helped her over the past 8 months. She is a part of a 12- step program and we are very proud of her bravery and commitment to meditation. She talks about how she is able to focus on her breath in times of stress. We can all learn a little something from her story.

Let’s begin.

1. How have you made meditation a part of your life?

In October 2016, I began to use meditation in the mornings to see what it would do for me. I am part of a 12-step program, and many people talked about meditation as a daily practice. Aware was the second app that I tried for meditation, and I loved it right away. I use Aware every morning before I start the activities of my day.


2. What changes has meditation brought to your life?

Meditation seems to have added a layer of calm to my life as I have practiced for the past eight months. I find myself focusing on my breath in moments of stress, which is so helpful. I use Aware every morning to begin my day, and I miss it dearly when I don’t have time for it. Honestly, I have changed my sleep habits in order to keep my meditation practice stable in the mornings before work. This is one thing that I am unwilling to give up in my mornings. To me, it is as important for my day as eating breakfast.


3. What are the tips or advice you would want to share with beginners?

I would advise beginners to relax and realize that meditation isn’t a perfect practice. My mind isn’t always clear and calm when I meditate. Sometimes I can barely focus on the exercises, but I keep trying. I have also learned not to worry about how “well” I meditated. I don’t compare my practice to anyone else’s. There is no right and wrong with meditation, and trying to judge a meditation practice would only serve to tear down its benefits.


4. How has Aware helped you in your journey?

My journey has been towards peace within, as is the case with many 12-step programs. Discovering that it is possible to have peace and contentment that isn’t rocked with the ebb and flow of life has been amazing! Aware has helped with that. Because of my morning meditation, I can dip into a super short time of inner calm at any time during the day. I use one of the techniques that I’ve learned in the app to seek a quiet moment to remember that peace and contentment.

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