21 Sep From Anxious To Calm- Amanda’s thoughts on Aware!

Amanda is our Mindfulness Hero of the week and she wanted to share her thoughts.  As you read her unique perspective on meditation she let’s you know that meditators all over the world are with you on this journey towards mindfulness. Take courage, inspiration and ideas from her story.

Let’s begin.

1. What does meditation mean to you?

I just started meditation because a lot of my family and friends have recommended  it to me.  I have high anxiety, depression and I am stressed out all the time.


2. Could you share some tips on meditation for beginners?

So as a beginner having the ability to have wonderful daily guided meditations on my phone so I can do them anywhere is amazing!

I know that if you stick with it, and practice meditation daily, Aware will take you from a beginner level to an expert level at meditation.


3. What are the few challenges you have faced with meditation and how have you overcome them?

I have tried unguided meditation and have found that I am unable to do this because I am unable to stay focused. And I found it so hard to do it on a daily routine at the same time each day. So I decided to research guided meditation online and found that guided meditation did not offer me the ability to do it unless I was connected to the internet, nor did it offer enough options for me.
I have researched for countless hours and tried all most all of the subscription guided meditations on Google play and I liked Award the most!!
4. How has Aware helped to make meditation easier for you?
I found Aware to be one of the cheapest to buy and offers the most options in the app. The singles and energizers are amazing because they help me so much when I need a quick way to calm down or to reduce my stress levels.  The guided daily meditations are wonderful and the voice used is calming and effective.  I am able to do the meditation on my own even though I can’t stay focused.
Aware is more helpful and very user friendly.  I love the daily reminders, as it is way easier to stick to my daily routine when you are reminded to do so.  I am finding it easier to do every day than when I tried all the other apps.
I love this app and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks Aware for creating such s wonderful user friendly wonderfully guided meditation for my smartphone that I can do anywhere. Also, thank you for offering so many options compared to your competitors.  It is a truly amazing app for guided meditation!!!!
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