21 Sep Jennifer Babb on Connecting to Her Inner Self

Jennifer is our Mindfulness Hero of the week and she wanted to share her thoughts.  As you read her unique perspective on meditation she let’s you know that meditators all over the world are with you on this journey towards mindfulness. Take courage, inspiration and ideas from her story.

Let’s begin.

1. What does meditation mean to you?

Meditation, for me, is a way to balance and heal myself. Meditation connects me to the person I am, to my purpose, and allows me to acknowledge and let go of challenges that I face day to day.


2. Could you share some tips on meditation for beginners?
Even if you feel like you’re not sitting right, not breathing right, your butt hurts - just listen and relax. Start small, a few minutes a day. And if you ever get frustrated or lost, just remember the breath. It’s always there!
3. What are the few challenges you have faced with meditation and how have you overcome them?
My biggest challenge for meditation has been making regular time each day to practice. I don’t have a regular schedule. I’ve found that my partner enjoys listening with me as he goes to sleep, so that has become my reminder. Even if I don’t get a session in daily, the routine is something I look forward to.
4. How has Aware helped to make meditation easier for you?
Aware is my favorite meditation app. It is organized very well, which helps me be able to pull it up in moments of anxiety without getting frustrated. The “Breathe” guides are lifesavers for quick self-checking, and the ease of their use often leads me to a session when I may not have practiced otherwise.


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