03 Oct 4 Tips on Meditating with Jeffrey Sandoval

Jeffrey is our Mindfulness Hero of the week and he wanted to share his story to inspire you.  As you read his unique perspective on meditation he let’s you know that meditators all over the world are with you on this journey towards mindfulness.

Let’s listen to what he has to say:

1. What does meditation mean to you?

Meditation for me is just letting go of the need to entertain all our thoughts. It’s not about quieting the mind because the mind will always think, but it’s about just ‘letting go’. It can also be about focusing on one topic per session.

2. Could you share some tips on meditation for beginners?

Just ‘be’, don’t try to silence the mind. Don’t resist. Just let go.

3. What are the few challenges you have faced with meditation and how have you overcome them?

I experienced trying too much to silence my mind, but then I realized that that was wrong. I just need to let go and/or focus on what the guided meditation is saying.

4. How has Aware helped to make meditation easier for you?

It is guiding me on what to focus on and how it can help my life. It has a lot of topics covered which is good.

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