The Revolutionary Art of Mindful Meditation

01 Aug The Revolutionary Art of Mindful Meditation

In a world that’s awash with increasing noise levels, shrinking geographies and stress-inducing timelines, peace is naught but a luxury. This is where we are compelled to resort to a method of relaxation and inner peace that is over 2,500 years old. A practice called Vipassana was practiced by the Buddhists centuries ago and has inspired various forms of meditation that engulf the troubled mind of today’s denizen with a comforting silence and inner peace. The art of mindful meditation is derived from this ancient science and has proved to be highly effective in achieving amazing results for many.


Also called ‘Shamatha’, mindfulness or mindful meditation aims to achieve a stable and calm mind. It is rather surprising for many that calmness of the mind is a natural phenomenon that is only channeled through, by the means of meditation. The fine balance between maintaining consciousness and absolute peace of mind is an experience that is truly enriching. How then, can something this useful and fruitful be used on a wider scale to affect the way our world deals with its challenges?

Becoming better human beings

As violence, intolerance and indifference takes root strongly across the world, mindful meditation can effectively prove to be a great herald of peace. How, you may ponder. Calming the mind greatly influences that way it reacts to its surrounding. Through this effective practice we can develop ourselves collectively, as a society, to face even the most critical challenges and indifferences with a calmer reasoning process. With purer thoughts come purer habits. This is where the impact of a conscious and very aware mind can be felt. Addictions, vices and other bad habits will soon pave way for more constructive thoughts. The idea of a world where everyone is aware of their surroundings and appropriately responsive to instances that occur around them makes for a great proposition.

Greater wellbeing and health

As was consistent with most ancient practices, meditation too offers numerous health benefits, which are more precautionary in nature. A better alternative to finding strong medicines to cure diseases, this ancient art can successfully create an aura of wellbeing and bring tangible results of healthiness to the fore. The first and foremost benefit that has a direct impact on the lives of those who practice mindful meditation is an improved immune system. This can directly impact the effect that external disease-causing forces have on the body. Illnesses, even if contracted, are cured quicker, thanks to a balanced mind and body equation. It has also been noted that those who practice the art of meditation have stronger mental capabilities including decision-making skills, better memory and higher levels of intelligence. Thanks to a relaxed mind, it is easier for practitioners to remain calm even in challenging situations and thus keep worry, anger and anxiety at bay, no matter what life throws at them.

Reduced stress levels and happier lives

Many diseases in the world are caused by enhanced stress levels. The strong bond of mind and body can cure lasting diseases and ill-effects in the bodies of those who are stressed. Mindful meditation brings about a sense of control to the mind, which in turn, shows direct effects in the way the body reacts. By cancelling out the effects of stress and evading the risk of diseases such as memory loss, learning impediments, lack of reasoning and thinking, diabetes, headaches, sleep-related ailments and even poor immune systems, meditation mitigates the risk of a disease-inflicted population.

In closing, we can thus conclude that this soulful, solitary action does have more remedial powers to both, society and the individual. It can also be a strong force to create a general populous that thinks and reasons well enough to achieve advancements and developments in every field. With positive mindsets, we can dream of a word that will be devoid war and tension, and people who are more productive and happier with the world they call home.

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