15 Aug 10 Myths about Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness have gained huge popularity with time. This is all because of the numerous benefits it offers, such as better health, better relationships and better life. In spite of having immense popularity, a lot of people still keep a distance from meditation and mindfulness. This is mainly because of some common misconceptions about them that have surfaced over time. Here are the top 10 myths about meditation which you need to stop believing.

Myth #1: If you think too much, you can’t meditate

Well, this is not true. Everyone thinks too much. If you are sitting idle, you mind will start cooking up stories on its own and there is not much you can do to stop it. However, if you think that you are thinking too much and your thoughts are actually hampering your life then you must definitely give meditation a try. This practice will teach you how to redirect your thoughts to a single point of focus.

Myth #2: Meditation is for escapists

Meditation is not practiced in order to escape from problems. It is meant to identify the root cause of the problem. Regular practice of meditation clears your mind and helps you identify your true self.

Myth #3: Meditation is not for you since you can’t sit still

If you cannot sit still, that is totally fine. While meditating, if you feel itchy, you can scratch or if you are not comfortable you can readjust your position. It is not necessary to sit in a single position during the entire duration of meditation. You should be comfortable while meditating for the positive results.

Myth #4: You cannot sit cross legged, so you can’t meditate

It is not a compulsion to sit cross legged while meditating. You can sit as you feel like or on a chair for meditation. You can even meditate while lying on the ground or walking.

Myth #5: You are too busy to meditate

If people say that they are very busy and hence cannot meditate then this is just an excuse. If you cannot spare a fixed time slot for meditation then it is completely fine. You can meditate in instalments of 1 minute or more as well. Find a peaceful place and meditate in between your work, meeting, lunch or any other task.

Myth #6: You do not know the right way of doing it so you don’t do it

Well, the only way you can practice bad meditation is when you don’t actually do it. Meditation has a very simple procedure. You just have to find a peaceful place, choose a comfortable place and try to focus. If you want to create a perfect mood for meditation, then you can light some candles.

Myth #7: Mindfulness and Mindfulness meditation are the same thing

Mindfulness and meditation are often defined in such a way that they appear to be similar. However, there is a thin line of difference between the two. Meditation is the practice of reaching the state of ultimate consciousness and concentration whereas mindfulness is form of meditation that involves focusing on being in the present. Mindfulness and meditation are often combined for health and mind benefits.

Myth #8: Mindfulness conflicts with some religions

Both mindfulness and meditation are not religious practices. Mindfulness was first taught by Buddha but even then it had no religious belief system. The only motive was to enrich life by engaging completely in the moment to moment experience.

Myth #9: Mindfulness can be practiced only with meditation

This is not true. People do practice mindfulness with meditation but it can be practiced anytime. People are motivated to practice mindfulness while eating, walking, cooking or while carrying out other activities. Mindfulness basically means being aware of what you do. Hence practicing it regularly heightens your awareness.

Myth #10: It takes years to reap benefits from meditation and mindfulness

Researches show that benefits of meditation and mindfulness become visible in as short as 8 weeks. Thus, you do not have to wait for 8 years to reap its benefits. However, if you continue to practice it for years, you will be able to reap more benefits.

Thus, if any of these myths have stopped you from adopting meditation and mindfulness in your routine then you know the truth now. Get started, today!

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