22 Nov 10 Brain Exercise Routines for a Healthy Brain

Just like your body, your brain too needs an exercise routine to stay fit and healthy!

Your brain is one of the most amazing and versatile parts of your body.

It is responsible for controlling all your body responses and functions.

Also, it changes constantly with your changing habits and lifestyle. Thus, it is very important to keep your brain healthy and strong and the best way to do this, is to eat healthy food and exercise.

. So, here are a few exercises listed below which can help you achieve and maintain a healthy brain:- 




  • Play Games


By games, I do not mean the counter strike or some racing games. Play games like Sudoku, crosswords or some other puzzle and memory games. Most of these games not only benefit the overall health of your brain but also improves your problem-solving skills. The best part is,you can find these games on the internet very easily.


  • Do Mental Maths


Try to solve math problems in your mind without using a pen, paper or calculator. You do not have to multiply, subtract or integrate huge numbers or expressions. Just practice your elementary maths, but, do it daily. You can increase the level of your problems gradually.  Set a time limit and try to solve as many questions as you can. This exercise will not only boost your mental health but will be very entertaining as well.


  • Memorise Things


Write down the tasks which you have to complete in a day or the grocery items which you need to buy. Memorise them and then try to recall all the items after an hour or so. The number of items you could recall will determine how healthy your brain is and how much you have to work on it. Make sure that you do not keep your list short and simple. Try to make it as challenging as you can as it is for your mental stimulation!


  • Shower with your Eyes Closed


This might sound weird but this is also a brain exercise. When you try to do something with your eyes closed, all the signals go straight back to your brain and do not get lost here and there. Moreover, you pay attention to things more than before. Try to locate the tap with your eyes closed, turn it on, adjust the temperature of water, locate your soap, wash your body and carry out other activities. This will certainly help you have an enjoyable shower while also exercising your brain.


  • Make your Taste Buds Work


Our food is made not just with one ingredient but a mixture of several ingredients all of which have a different taste. So, while eating your food, try to determine as many ingredients as you can including the herbs and spices. This will help you enjoy your food while boosting your mental health.


  • Tell Stories


Storytelling is one of the best ways to exercise your brain. Frame stories of your own and share them with kids or tell it to yourself. If you find it hard to remember things, frame them in a form of a story. This is because stories put the things you want to remember in a very compelling framework which make it easy for you to remember those things. Whether you tell stories to someone, or use it to retain information, any which way, it is going to help you boost your memory and improve the health of your brain.


  • Start Playing a New Sport


Get yourself involved in some sports activity which would utilise both your mind and body like football, golf, cricket etc. This will benefit both your brain and your body.


  • Try New Things


Make it a point to keep your brain busy every day. Learn and do something which excites you such as painting, dancing, reading, cooking or any other such activities which will give your brain some new ideas to examine, some new experiences to relish and some new skills to master.


  • Exercise and Eat Healthy


Morning walks and workouts are good not just for your physical health but for mental health as well. Even a 15-minute workout in the morning is enough to activate your brain and keep it going all day. Eating healthy is also very important for the health of your brain. Say no to junk food and eat fruits, green leafy vegetables and other food items which are counted as healthy.


  • Meditate


Stress is one of the common reasons behind the deteriorating health of your mind and body and the best way to reduce stress is to meditate. You do not necessarily have to do it in your proper yoga costume on a yoga mat right in the morning. You can practice it anytime and anywhere. Get yourself familiar with the term mindfulness and you will know how convenient it is for everyone to practice meditation.


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