10 Nov Easy Mindful Exercises to Practice Daily

There was a time when only a few people knew about mindfulness but now it is practiced by a large number of people. This practice has managed to earn a huge fan following over the years but there are still many people who do not agree with its concept. While the mindful exercises are all about focusing on the present moment, they feel that it is about escaping reality. This is not true at all.

Mindfulness allows you to have control over your mind and does not let your emotions influence your decisions. For example, when you are angry, you might want to hit that person hard only to regret later. Mindfulness will give you time to deal with your anger and take only the appropriate step. It will help you understand what actually made you angry and help you react differently when the same situation happens again. It is not about escaping from reality but knowing your true self. It helps you live a focused and calmer life. If you want a life like this then here are a few mindful exercises which you must practice daily:

10 Mindful Exercises to Practice Daily

  • Breathing Exercise

Sit in a comfortable position and start focusing on your breaths. Notice what happens to your different body parts as you inhale and exhale. You can practice it anytime in the office or at home, whenever you need a short break or have some free time. Whenever you feel that you’re not able to focus on your breathing, start counting your breaths. 1 with the inhale and 2 with the exhale. Count up to 10 and start again from 1.

  • Eating Exercise

While having your meal, notice how your taste bud feels when you take first bite into your mouth. Notice how your mind reacts to the particular taste. This is called mindful eating. You do not have to do this for entire meal but do it for at least 5 or 6 bites. This will also help you enjoy your meal.

  • Walking Exercise

Although morning walks are highly recommended for better health but you do not necessarily have to do it to practice mindful walking exercise. You must have to walk at least a few meters each day while you go to work or at your home. While walking, notice how your hands and legs move as you walk. Notice your breath as well as how you feel while walking.

  • Smell Exercise

Smell something which has a strong fragrance like coffee, perfume etc. Notice what that smell does to your nose and brain. What feelings it evokes.

  • Silence Exercise

Find a quiet place and sit there silently without your phone or any other gadget which might cause disturbance or distract your mind. Now try to observe and absorb your surroundings. Try to sit somewhere in the open like a park or balcony where you will have a lot of things to observe.

Spending an hour in silence is good for your mental well-being.


  • Music Exercise

Put on your favorite music and listen to it carefully or rather say mindfully. Observe closely how that music makes you feel and what feelings it evokes. Try to engage with those feelings and see where those feelings take you.

  • Focus Exercise

Place an object in front of you and focus on it. Do not let any distractions come in between your focus. Focus as long as possible but also keep a check on your mind. Watch closely when your mind begins to wander. When it does, bring it back to your point of focus lovingly.

  • Taste Exercise

Put some eatable in your mouth and notice how your taste buds feel and how your mind reacts to that taste.

  • Candle Exercise

Light a candle and observe it closely not just the flame but everything. Notice how the wax melts and solidifies again. Notice different colors of the flame and every other thing which you can for about 10 minutes.

  • Movie Exercise

Play a movie and watch it mindfully. Notice how you get involved in the movie and how different emotions in it make you feel. Can you relate to those emotions? If yes then take a note of it.

These are very basic mindful exercises which you can easily practice at your home. The more you practice it, the more mindful you will become which will be good for your mental as well as physical health.

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