30 Oct 8 Mindful Exercises for Busy People

Mindfulness has become quite a trend these days. People are aware of this term as well as its numerous benefits. However the problem is, in their busy schedule, it becomes hard for them to spare some time for this guided meditation. Well, your busy work routine would no longer stop you from practicing mindfulness. Listed below are 8 mindful exercises which you can practice while carrying out your daily tasks.

  1. Focus on your Breath

Breathing is crucial for survival. Hence you cannot ignore this process no matter how busy you are. So, while you are working, take out a minute or a half and just focus on how it feels when you breathe in air and breathe it out. Notice how your different body parts move while you are breathing.

This is a very simple mindful exercise which you can practice anytime you want.

  1. Eat Mindfully

Eating your meal in a hurry is not a good idea. No matter how busy you are, you should take enough time to eat and enjoy what you are eating. So before you take the first bite of your deliciously cooked food, relish its smell. Pay attention to how your taste buds feel as you put that bite inside your mouth. Smell your food and observe how your body reacts to that smell. This is called mindful eating which will help you to enjoy your food and boost your digestion process.

You do not have to do this with every bite of your meal. Doing it twice or thrice would be enough.

  1. Notice what you Listen

If you live in a city, the hustle and bustle is all a part of it. You get to hear so many noises. So spare a few minutes and pay attention to different sounds you hear. Even if you live in the countryside, you will get to hear soft noises of birds chirping, trees rustling, etc. So, pay attention to it and notice how these sounds make you feel. You can even turn on your favorite music and listen to it mindfully without actually judging it. Do not let your mind wander around if the lyrics are too emotional or relates to your life.

  1. Meditate as you Walk

You must have heard about the walk and talk. But have you ever heard about the walk and meditate? Well, yes. You can meditate while walking as well. Mindfulness is all about bringing your attention to the moment. So, while walking, notice the sensations on your feet as they touch the ground. Also, focus on your breaths. You can even pay attention to how your different body parts move and feel while you are walking.

  1. Brush Mindfully

Brushing is one of those activities which you do daily. While brushing people usually think about their plans, worries, etc. with very less or no attention to brushing. But considering your busy schedule, you shouldn’t miss any chance to practice mindfulness. Yes, you can practice mindful meditation while brushing your teeth as well. Notice how your toothpaste tastes. If your toothpaste contains salt then does it taste salty? Also, pay attention to how your brush moves over your teeth.

  1. Mindfulness in Shower

As you turn on your shower, notice how it feels when water falls on your skin. How your mind and body react to these sensations. This will prevent your mind from thinking about your task list, work or other things and help you enjoy your shower.

  1. Experience Nature

If you are in a park or garden, notice everything around you. Listen carefully to the sound of the birds chirping around, the color of the leaves, the sensations caused by the wind, etc. Just be aware of your surroundings and notice how this awareness makes you feel.

8. Visualization/Imagination

Whenever you feel surrounded by negative thoughts and stress, just imagine people and things that bring happiness to your life. If you can’t think of anyone, just imagine a person who would shower you with love and kindness. Then imagine yourself as the source of love and kindness for people and things in your life.

These are very basic mindful exercises which you can do in between your routine. You just have to spare a minute or two for yourself. Taking a few breaks in between your work will only help you function better.

While practicing mindfulness, some random thoughts are likely to pop up in your mind out of nowhere. So, what you have to do this just acknowledge these thoughts without judging them and then bring your mind back to its point of focus.


Purva Jain

Purva is a freelance writer from Udaipur, India. She covers a wide range of topics including health, lifestyle, news, food, and travel. You can reach out to her at [email protected].


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      Hi Gregg,

      It will obviously change. We will soon release new focused courses on health, relationship and performance.

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