17 Aug 10 Health Benefits of Meditating Everyday

We are all aware of the ocean of knowledge called the internet. Surfing through this ocean and the other seas such as newspapers, radio and now the social media takes us far away from our physical surroundings. We not only read but also engage ourselves deeply with issues that do not concern us at all. All these are parallel activities while we are constantly chased by the monster of our environment. The monster of pressure at work, stress, relationships etc. At such times, in the attempt to find ourselves, we often loose us.

This is when the phenomenon known as meditation comes in to picture. Meditation, as the usual technique, involves concentration and focus, but it acts just the opposite, to help us loose the concentration on petty issues and re-focus on things that do matter in the bigger circle of our lives and well-being.

Therefore, by setting a ritual of meditating every day, we help our body, mind and soul achieve things that seem far beyond our reach.


  1. Mediation Helps in De-stressing
    Stress can occur anywhere, even in a non-stressful situation usually leading to panic attacks or wrong decision making. Meditation helps us take control of the situation. By spending 10 minutes every day and prioritizing things at hand, be it on a professional as well as the personal level, meditation can help gain that power back in your hands.
  2. Boosts Immunity
    Little known is the fact that meditation heals us from the inside. When you have a calmer mind, your body follows appropriate instructions and acts civilized benefiting your overall immunity and keeps you disease free for long.
  3. Improves Fertility
    Stress is very harmful. With the cloud of worries surrounding our minds at all times, we are unable to share our love with our partner. This results in lack of desires, performance and ultimately fertility in both men and women. Studies have shown that spending 10 minutes on mediation everyday can lead to improving fertility in both the sexes.
  4. Improves Self-acceptance
    The most important feature of mediation is that it allows us to accept our present as well the past to structure our future. Self-acceptance can be achieved through days, months and even years provided there is a religious abiding to the practice of mediation.
  5. Heals Relationships
    With self-acceptance, our heart is filled with love. This love is ready to be shared and helps us go beyond our limits to heal relationships or build a new one.
  6. Improves Self-confidence
    No diet pills can boost self –confidence as much as meditation. This art of self-acceptance allows us to be viewed as in the eyes of God as a beautiful creature in any shape or size. With meditation, you connect to the higher power to boost your self-confidence and spread the same energy with others.
  7. Makes you Creative
    Mediation can help you widen the horizon of your imagination. This results in a boost in creative thinking and helps in finding solutions to problems in a smarter manner.
  8. Relieves Pain
    Meditation is highly recommended by experts when a person is suffering from a critical disease. With meditation, you come to peace with your mind as well as your body allowing the process of healing to take place faster than usual.
  9. Improves concentration
    Concentration is required at all ages to complete any task at hand with grace. Be it a student or a professional, concentration is the key to success. This key can be achieved by practicing meditation every day.
  10. Makes you Feel Complete
    The feeling of content is rare. With mediation, the feeling can be experienced everyday by keeping the monsters of desires at bay. This results in multiple benefits such as no more stress, better relationships, healthier body and a great feeling of being on top of the world.

Meditation is the key to win everyday battles. With spending less than 10 minutes every day, it can help you to find inner peace which would not only be beneficial to your health but also for the health of your family.

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