29 Jul 7 Signs it’s Time to Meditate

Your mind is a wanderer and it loves to wander in unknown streets. This poses a big problem for you. You get frustrated, become negative, lose concentration and face a lot of other unwanted problems. Because of their wandering mind, many people become day-dreamer. Also, in order to control their thoughts and mind, sometimes people even fall prey to depression. Thus, it can be said that you do not have a control over your thoughts but your thoughts surely have the power to control you. This should not be the case, right? Thus, in order to bring your mind back to its place what you have to do is meditate. Listed below are 7 signs which suggest that it is the time for you to practice meditation.

Sign #1: Negative thoughts flooding your mind
It is very necessary to stay away from negative thoughts as such thoughts often lead to depression. Whenever you feel too negative about a situation
• take a break of 5 to 10 minutes
• search for a peaceful place
• sit down and meditate
Within 10 minutes, you will feel refreshed as well as positive.
Negative thoughts will never do any good to you. They will ruin your day instead. Hence, it is better to deal with them with meditation before it is too late.
Sign #2: Too difficult to concentrate
Many times, a situation arises when you are trying too hard to focus on something but your mind stays distracted. A distracted mind is quite a common scenario when students have to study, isn’t it? Well, the best remedy for distraction is of course meditation. Although gulping coffee and tea can also be effective but not as much as meditation. So, shut everything, meditate for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help you regain your focus.
Sign #3: The persistent uneasiness
Uneasiness or anxiety as well can be caused due to several reasons such as not being able to concentrate, getting irritated with everything, not able to sleep properly etc. Usually, people feel uneasiness when they are too stressed out. This stress and anxiety are an indication that it is time for meditation.


Sign #4: Not able to remember anything
Not being able to remember things is often a sign of an old age. However, if you are just 24 and still suffering from memory loss then this is probably a sign that your mind is too overloaded. When you think too much, your mind often fails to retain information. So, the best thing to do is to start thinking less. This is hard to achieve as your mind is a thought producing factory. When you forget things too often, it simply suggests that you should meditate at least 10 minutes per day. This will increase the gray matter density of your brain. In other words, this would enhance your memory power.
Sign #5: A headache
Headaches are really unbearable and often causes frustration. When suffering from a headache, people often become unproductive because it becomes really hard to concentrate in such pain. Due to this unproductivity, people get irritated and frustrated. The common causes of a headache are stress and over activity. So next time when you feel a stress headache, realize that it is time to ease out a bit and meditate. You will see the difference yourself.
Sign #6: Enhance your creativity
When involved in a creative job, it is very necessary to ensure that your creative mind is at its peak. However, creativity does not necessarily flow all the time, especially when you are too stressed out or tensed. So, if you are planning to design a wall art or write a novel, but not able to get that creative flow then it is probably time for you to meditate.
Sign #7: Lack the required energy
Once in a while, a time comes when you are too bored and disinterested to do anything. This often happens when you are too tired or stressed out. You feel fatigued when enough amount of oxygen does not reach your brain. So, if you feel like just lying on your bed and not doing anything even when it is important, then it is time for you to meditate. Your brain is asking you to give it enough oxygen to function which can be provided through meditation.

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