15 Sep 10 Reasons Why Everyone Must Meditate

The phenomenon called meditation has recently gained immense popularity. With a number of celebrities narrating their life changing experiences through media, people across the planet have tried it to gain a first-hand experience.
For the few, who are still wondering about what meditation can really do, here’s a small 10 pointer list:

Gain Inner Peace
When you may have everything one can buy on this planet and yet experience an intense lack of being, you need to make peace with yourself. This feeling of internal happiness and peace of mind can be achieved through meditation.

Increase Mindfulness
Mindfulness is a habit of being aware of your surroundings. Be it understanding someone’s feelings towards you or a given situation or just feeling the nature. It helps you concentrate and think better. This degree of mindfulness can be achieved through regular practice of meditation.

Become Calm and Composed
We live in war like situations every-day. Be it work or home, we are always fighting, sometimes with others and most of the times with ourselves. To help you make better decisions in such situations, meditation helps you to be calm and composed to handle any circumstance at ease.

Increase your Consciousness
Being conscious is an art. As easy as it sounds, not many are aware about how they feel about themselves or others. To gain control of this mental dilemma, meditation is the key. It helps in decreasing the level of stress and help find better situations for transforming any situation in to a happy memory.

Become Compassionate
Compassion is a gift. In today’s world, when each one of us is continuously fighting to gain things we want to achieve by hook or crook, we often lack the element of compassion. Compassion makes you a better person and helps you to realize that you are born out of the superior being, a human who is gifted with forgiveness and can love others come what may.

Gain Inspiration
For creative minds, inspiration is the key to success. But often we experience mental block. To get rid of this mental block, we must meditate to help us connect with our creative self and gain inspiration from every-day elements to showcase our creativity.

Rejuvenate your Senses
After a stressful day, meditation can help rejuvenate your sense just like a day out at a local spa. Though it does not include any massages, you can concentrate on your limbs through meditation and gain mental relaxation with the help of meditation.

Sleep Well
In urban cities, insomnia is the most common illness. Often led by stress and anxiety, you can experience sleeplessness affecting your overall performance. To get over this illness for life, meditate. Regular meditation can help you calm your senses and sleep well even through a storm.

Increased Spirituality
Spirituality is not just a trait of a monk or a saint but of a person who has absolute control over his mind and actions. Spirituality helps your attain inner peace whilst making you mindful. With these traits you flawlessly solve the purpose of being a superior being, a human who is compassionate, conscious and connected.

Experience Contentment
The feeling of contentment cannot be achieved by gaining the most luxurious palace on earth but living as one in your mind, heart and soul. You need to make your mind a calm place to dwell your thoughts in, your heart equipped with immense love that is ready to be showered on anyone you stumble upon in your path and your soul that is well connected with nature and ultimately the supreme power. The feeling of contentment can be achieved through regular practice of meditation.
These 10 reasons should convince your enough to meditate each day. Find time and passion towards meditation and your future self shall not be able to thank you enough.

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