09 Nov 5 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to your Family

A family is one of the most valuable gifts a person could ever get. Not everyone is lucky enough to receive this gift. This is why people who have it ensure that their family stays happy and united always. Elders of the family teach good values to the children of the family so that they could also enjoy this sweet fruit of family love all their lives. Since life has become so fast-paced and competitive, it is the time that parents should include mindfulness in their book of good values.

Be it kids or grownups, everyone has a stress of one thing or the other. Kids have the stress to perform better at school and grownups have the stress to perform better at work. This stress can sometimes lead to knee-jerk reactions towards our loved ones which might affect the bonds in our family. This is why it is very important to learn the art of controlling such reactions which can be achieved by bringing mindfulness into the family.

It is a challenge to bring mindfulness into a family considering the busy lives of people these days. But, it is very crucial to enjoying a family life free from stress and filled with love and care. So, listed below are 5 easy ways which will help you make mindful practice an inseparable part of your family.

  • Have some Family Time

You must spend some quality time with your entire family each day. If you already do so, it is great but if you don’t then it is the time you start doing it. Also, remember that during your family time you just stay with your family and think about nothing else. Yes, you heard it right, no multi-tasking allowed. So keep all your worries aside and enjoy every moment with your kids, partner, and other family members.

  • Practice Mindfulness Together

Mindfulness is majorly about focusing in the present moment without judging anything. This can be a bit boring for kids if they are asked to do it alone. So do not ask them to practice mindful meditation by themselves instead give them your company. Watch clouds, observe nature, have a slow walk and do other such activities with them. These are informal mindful practices which would be easy for your kids to adopt. This will not only make your kids mindful but also strengthen your bond with them.

  • Observe and Name your Emotions

It is human to be emotional but you should never let your emotions rule your mind. Observe your emotions, notice how they make you feel and name them. When you name your emotions, it becomes easy to tame them. Teach the same to your kids so that they never let their emotions make decisions for them.


  • Self-Care is Important

It is good to care about others but you should not forget to care for yourself too. If you are having a hard time, it is ok to show it with a hug, kind message or any such thing. You should be kind to yourselves because this is what your kids will learn from you. Take some time out every day to do what you love and teach the same to your kids.

  • Share a Happy Moment

No matter how hectic your day is, you must have had at least one pleasant moment. Share that moment with your kids and ask your kids to do the same. Noticing good things can help remove negativity from the brain and also hardwire happiness.

A family is a person’s biggest asset and it is very important to take care of it. By bringing mindfulness into your family you will take a very important step towards it.

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