10 May 3 ways to Navigate your way to Inner Calm

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

Life never stops for anyone nor for anything. You are on your way to work, news of Donald Trump and the presidential election circulates around, then you are bombarded with countless advertisements and non-related messages around you. Often times, you zone out of reality by jamming to the newest hits by Rihanna. Regardless of where you are, thoughts, messages, and noises are constantly waving by rather you recognize it or not. Living in a cosmopolitan city, such as Hong Kong and New York City, consumerism and materialism becomes the norm to define status. It is captivating in all senses to surpass achievements but yet toxic in its own means. Finding a peace of mind and navigating your way to inner calm thus become a difficult task to integrate into your everyday life.

There are three simple and short ways to integrate calmness in your daily schedule. The length of each activity can be determined by yourself. Even a two minute session can achieve great means.

  1.    Accept your emotions and let it go through words or pictures. Many times we bottle up thoughts and feelings that can be easily let go, write it down, draw it out, even video-log your emotions that are running in your mind. This may sound silly but it helps to ease up your tension, track your feelings, and logically pave out the reasons why your emotions are triggered.
  2.   Breathe. You may be stressed from juggling work with CPA exams or annoyed by your significant other, you can simply release your anger by taking a few deep breaths. Deep breaths help to keep your soul, mind and body grounded and at ease.
  3.   Write down three things that you are grateful for at the end of each day.  It’s normal to have a shitty day at work but there are many small things that you can be appreciable for. This is an easy way of practicing gratitude by realizing the small doses of happiness. (ie. My boyfriend got me Drake’s new album. I just made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies. Captain America: Civil War just came out today!  Drools at Chris Evans.) Yes, these are all simple pleasure that we take for granted.

The root of finding your inner calm is to stay true to yourself and accept challenges and failure that may come in your way. By practicing these simple acts, it helps to create clarity in uncertainties and instill a sense of calmness in every stressful situation.

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