01 Jun Give your Brain a Mini Vacation

Energy drain is a common effect after a stressful and exhausting day at work. We often experience it many times during the week. We find it harder to concentrate and temper cuts short by the smallest things that come across your life. Anger and stress become our inner devils, leading to irrational statements and emotional tantrum. It’s hard to avoid it all because we are human after all, with changing emotions affected by everything around us, including friends, family, responsibilities, and even the weather.

Life never stops for anyone but you have to learn when to take breaks for your brain and body to unwind and mellow down. Therefore, it is very important to find ways to boost your energy whenever it soars.

  1. Give your brain a mini vacation by meditating

Meditation sets your mind free away from all the cluster and worries trapped inside you. When you engage in deep breathing, fresh air flows through your body, letting your abdominal expand and close in, then releasing warm air out. Consistent breathing creates a smooth momentum, allowing your body to reach a relaxation point. You will realize how parts of your body will loosen up. Jaw released. Head up and eyes forward. Shoulders down, back and relaxed. Deep breathing enables abdominal muscles to work more vicariously thus pumping your inner body with new energy and oxygen. It’s a simple sensation for your body to let go and be free.

  1. Get up, get going, and soak up some sunshine!

Summer time calls for a much-needed break under the sun. Soak up some sunshine for 15 to 20 minutes. Not too long to prevent any skin damages but enough for your body to get some vitamin D. Sunlight elevates your mood and is a natural form of energizer without paying a price! Take good use of the summer days before its beauty fades away.

  1. Reduce sugar consumption in replacement of whole grain

Sweet food immediately increases your blood sugar level, enabling a boost of positive energy. But the energizer is only temporary as it is followed by a rapid drop of blood sugar. Whole grain helps to increase fuel for your body at a steady rate thus ensuring that your body is consistently balanced with sufficient energy. Whole grain bread, whole oatmeal, wild rice, whole rye, and brown rice are great alternatives for your daily bread, cereal, rice and pasta dishes.

-Janice Tang, Hong Kong

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