23 Aug 10 Quick Tips to Fight Depression

Feeling sad or low is a part and parcel of your life. People cheat you, things do not go as you want them to be, some loved ones go away from you and a lot of other such things happen that brings sadness in your life. It is okay to be sad sometimes. There are bound to be ups and downs in life. However, sadness becomes a problem when you can’t get over it and make it a permanent part of your life. You feel hopeless and helpless. This situation is called depression. This is not a healthy situation and you need to fight it. You need to get your healthy and happy life back. Here are a few quick ways that can help you fight depression:

Tip #1: Get back to your routine

People make a mistake when they give their sadness a lot of importance and space which leads them to depression. Another mistake they make is not following their usual routine. Do your work like you do it always, go out, have your meals and try to keep yourself busy and also entertain yourself. You could also take up some additional work that you always wanted to do or were passionate about.

Tip #2: No negative self-talk

When people are depressed, negativity rules their mind. If something goes wrong, they will blame themselves, but if something goes right, they will give the credit to their luck. Depression makes people feel worthless. However, you need to fight it. Do not doubt yourself. Remind yourself that not you but your depressed mind is doing all the negative talking. Let your negative thoughts pass by.

Tip #3: Workout

Yes, you must go for a walk or for an exercise when you feel depressed. Depression kills people’s mood. As a result, depressed people want to do nothing but sit in a dark room in isolation and do nothing. Pull yourself out from the darkness and take a walk. Do some exercises like swimming, jogging etc. If you cannot workout alone, ask your friend or family member to give you company. Working out is actually going to help you feel better.

Tip #4: Eat healthy

When depressed, people like to eat ice creams, pizzas, burgers and other unhealthy food. People call it comfort food. Don’t know about comfort but these will surely damage your health. Also, depression often affects the appetite of people. Some eat a lot and some do not eat at all. This adversely affects the health. Hence, you should ensure that you take a proper diet that is rich in essential nutrients. The correct nourishment affects your mood and energy positively.

Tip #6: Get enough sleep

Depression brings with it sleepless nights. Depressed people will just lie on their bed with open eyes staring at the ceiling or fan. Lack of sleep is only going to make your situation worse. So, you should sleep 6 to 8 hours daily. Before sleeping do not think about anything. Just sleep.

Tip #7: Don’t try to be perfect

If your life is not perfect, then it is fine. Nothing in this world is perfect. Trying to be perfect simply stresses you more. If you feel that you do not have enough money or a big car then it is okay. Think of the people who do not even have a scooter to move around but still are very happy. Look at the people around you and you will realize you have such a great life which you are wasting because of depression.

Tip #8: A dose of upbeat music

Music is the food for your soul. When in depression listen to some upbeat music and you will begin to feel the positive vibes. Such music gives you energy and also changes your mood.

Tip #9: Talk to people

When you keep your sadness to yourself, you will just feel worse. Share your pain with your loved ones. It will lighten your heart and you will feel better, if not much then at least a little. And, this will surely help you to fight depression.

Tip #10: Practice mindfulness

It is the best remedy to fight depression. You do not have rely on anyone but yourself to fight depression. Yesterday is gone so forget about it and live in the moment. Feel the blessings that you have today. In simple terms, let bygones be bygones and enjoy the moment. Mindfulness will eventually wipe out your negative thoughts and fill your mind with positivity.

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