10 Dec Key Tips To Make Your Home More Mindful

Some people define mindful as “being fully present in the moment” and use it as a synonym for enlightenment. Today, we are not going to use this definition, not because this is the wrong definition of mindfulness, but because we are explaining mindfulness as a tool for attaining enlightenment rather than the state of being enlightened. The functioning of an enlightened mind is quite different from the functioning of mindfulness, as we are defining the term, because self, mind and contents mix and become indistinguishable as separate things in enlightenment, whereas in mindfulness, as we are using the term, one experiences the sense of having a self, separate from other things, and having a consciousness containing contents.

In order to develop and maintain mindfulness in the sense that we are explaining, you must have a strong motivation to become mindful. It takes time and effort to develop mindfulness, and you will not put in the time and effort unless you are convinced of the importance of being mindful.

It’s a busy world. You fold the laundry while keeping one eye on the kids and another on the television. You plan your day while listening to the radio and commuting to work, and then plan your weekend. However, in the rush to accomplish necessary tasks, you may find yourself losing your connection with the present moment. Consequently missing out on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Did you notice whether you felt well-rested this morning or that the bougainvillea is in bloom along your route to work?

Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgment. Mindfulness is now being examined scientifically and has been found to be a key element in happiness. Here are some ways to make your home more mindful:

  1. Wake up with the sun

There is no purer light than what you see when your eyes open first thing in the morning.

  1. Sit

Mindfulness without meditation is just a word.

  1. Make your bed

The state of your bed is the state of your head. Enfold your day in dignity.

4.Empty the hampers

Do the laundry without resentment or commentary and have an intimate encounter with the very fabric of life.

  1. Wash your bowl

Rinse away self-importance and clean up your own mess. If you leave it undone, it will get sticky.

  1. Set a timer

If you’re distracted by the weight of what’s undone, set a kitchen timer and, like a monk in a monastery, devote yourself wholeheartedly to the task at hand until the bell rings.

  1. Rake the leaves

Rake, weed, or sweep. You’ll never finish for good, but you’ll learn the point of pointlessness.

  1. Eat when hungry

Align your inexhaustible desires with the one true appetite.

  1. Let the darkness come

Set a curfew on technology and discover the natural balance between daylight and darkness, work and rest.

  1. Sleep when tired

Nothing more to it.



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