06 Dec 4321..Mindfulness Can Be Done!

Guess what? We want to share 4 easy mindfulness exercises that are going to help you immensely!

Whether you suffer from anxiety or simply need some help unwinding, mindfulness meditation is the answer to all your problems!   Mindfulness helps to reduce stress by bringing your thoughts into the present moment and focusing all of your attention on your present state.

Another reason for why you should invest a minute or two on these exercises is to form a stronger bond with your body. When the mind and the body align, it becomes easier to handle stress at work, relationships, and personal growth.


Here are four quick and easy mindfulness exercises to help you relax, the best way to start is to pick one or two first, and then build your way up to doing all 4.


  • Stop To Observe: Take a moment each day to stop what you are doing and watch your surroundings, free of judgement, Simply Observe.  This will help in making you more aware of what is happening around you.


  • Savor Your Meals: Be mindful during the first 3 bites of your meal. Really focus on the smell, texture and taste. Savour the moment. Whenever you feel down, go and enjoy a snack that you love and you can actually feel your body becoming happier!


  • Breathe, Just Breathe: Simply sit and breathe in a quiet room for 10 minutes. Focus on the subtle movements of your body during rest - how your body is moving and how it feels.  Inhale deeply and exhale out, get into a comfortable rhythm or just breathe normally, all that matters is bringing in positivity to the soul through breathing and calming the mind down.


  • Visualize Your Thoughts: Empty your mind by envisioning your thoughts as objects. With breathing,  focus on each of them, for a few seconds before pushing the thoughts further and further away.
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