04 Jul 4 Quick Tips with Rosalie our Mindfulness Hero!

We asked our ” Mindfulness Hero: Rosalie ” how Aware has helped her, and she shared her 4 tips on how meditation made a difference in her life.

Let’s begin:

1. What or who was your inspiration behind learning meditation?

My inspiration behind meditating is just wanting to be physically & mentally healthy. I think it is very important to not only have a healthy body but to also have a healthy mind.  

2. What changes has meditation brought to your life?

The most amazing change I felt is the fact my mind & body more relaxed. 

3. Why do you think one should take up meditation?

One should take up meditation because if you think about it-we have 1 body & we should do our best to try and take care of it. I have great respect for the gift of life.

4. What made you stick to Aware as your guide?

It has different things to do for meditation depending on what your needs are. Also, I personally like that it is easy to follow & do.  It does not criticize you if you do not do to well in the beginning. It allows you to move at your pace.

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