05 Jan What It Means To Fall Asleep During Meditation

There are some amazing and mind blowing things that sleep can do and today we will look closely into: how you can meditate to sleep better.

How close you ask? Well, we want you to understand exactly what it means to fall asleep during meditation. The pros and cons to it, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty if it goes either way. 

Did you know that it is said that in total, a person will spend around 6 years of their lives,  dreaming! When we are asleep, we don’t ever pay attention (because,of course, we’re asleep), but actually there is a lot more brain activity, which goes on while we are oblivious to it, and some have been able to build their success around things they see or imagined in a dream.

For example: dreams are responsible for some of the world’s greatest inventions! Like James Watson who dreamt up the DNA’s double helix spiral form or Elias Howe with the sewing machine and Dimitri Mendeleyev with the periodic table. So if you’re getting stuck at work - how about taking a small energizer of meditation and then fall asleep after? If anyone gets annoyed at how much you sleep, just say that it worked for these great innovators and you are going to be next!

But all jokes aside, sleeping during meditation has many benefits, despite what you may think.When you sleep during meditation, you may ask yourself, “what is the purpose of going into the meditation?”

If your intention is to rest, then the mind will do that, and the only way it knows how to rest is to fall asleep. For beginners, it is actually a good thing, as all the stress that has accumulated in their body can come out by sleeping and bring about higher stages of relaxation. So don’t feel guilty about sleeping during meditation, because it happens to everybody.

However, if your intention is to meditate, understand reality and deal with difficulties, then,  find an inner connection to your thoughts and feelings. Then you must try to avoid sleeping and be more alert during meditation. This will help you understand exactly why you are facing sleep related problems. Maybe there is a deep-seated personal issue that you need to resolve. 

How meditation helps you sleep better:

Sometimes when we meditate, and this is important, we DISCOVER ourselves, right?

Similarly, when we look within and question what it is that makes you stay up at night, answers will come to you if you do this:-TRACE YOUR STEPS.

Yes, what you do when something goes missing (like your keys or a hair clip), do exactly that before you sleep and track every event- right from the moment you woke up till the moment you landed on your bed. Don’t get caught up in your emotions too much, just try to trace each step, with no judgement and don’t let anything emotional or negative come to you. Simply retrace so that you get thoughts out of your system.

Now this may be the reason why you’re not sleeping well. With meditation, you can uncover those emotional moments of the day and heal yourself by peeling that layer out- like an onion. Just remember to go soft on yourself and you will unlock the true reasons for irregular sleep and gain positivity by meditating to guided sessions for sleep. 

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